7 Hip Hop Stars

Who Gained Fame During Their Student Years

You might be surprised to learn that your beloved rap or hip-hop artist has an academic degree and even gained fame during their student years. While it tells us that education is essential to make it big and stay on board, it also tells us that the stars can speak from their experience by discussing heartbreak, feeling lonely, and knowing how challenging it might be to access education. They also sing about fighting college anxiety and depression when things just do not feel right. Let’s talk about some of the rising and well-established stars to get into the details of gaining fame as a student. It also shows that you can make it big too, as a college or university student!

7 Rising Stars: Rap and Hip-Hop Artists Who Gained Fame During Their Student Years 

Young MC.

This British rapper was a student at the University of California and an excellent student at Hunter College High School. Thanks to his Jamaican immigrant parents, he studied really hard. His success in rap music did not come out of the blue either. As Young majored in Economics, he also got his “Bust a Move” breakthrough hit. He really loved writing and rhyming as well as a student, which helped him. If finding the right rhyme or discovering good topics is too challenging for you, WritingUniverse.com is an excellent solution worth checking when you need to come up with inspiring ideas or seek academic writing help for any assignment.

Childish Gambino.

Here we have Donald Glover, who went to New York University as he already made it big! He had a network television job as he graduated and was one of the busiest and in-demand personalities as a university student. His attitude has given him a superstar status as his workability and multiple talents have secured him more than fame.


Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper never missed a chance to talk about why education has made her who she is. As a Southern California University Graduate, she always knew that she wanted to do her best to become enrolled in college. Choosing between music and education, she decided to major in Journalism and Communications. Her Business professor told her to pursue hip-hop music instead of an office job, and it really worked, as we see!

Chuck D.

This hip-hop star needs no introduction. As an Adelphi University graduate, he is one of those who ask for justice and uses music and education to perfect his skills. It took him a while, so earning a Graphic Design degree and recording the famous Public Enemy Number One single happened at the same time!


A Georgia State University graduate in Music Management, Luda gained success based on his existing business skills and passion.

Megan Thee Stallion.

A famous Texas Southern University graduate, she was a Health Administration student who posted freestyle rap videos to YouTube and Instagram, thus studying and gaining worldwide fame at the same time!

Talib Kweli.

If you need an example of a great lyricist in the world of hip-hop, Talib is second to none! As a graduate of New York University, he is one of the honest and sincere individuals coming from an educated family of an English professor and a Sociology specialist. His brother is a Law professor. Kweli always loved writing poetry as a kid and studied Philosophy when he was a wee lad. Now as he pursued his education, it really paid off. You can click for more info to see how learning and exploring have created an evolution in the 21st century. Talib Kweli is one of those pioneers who made a positive difference and showed why education matters!

Hip-Hop is a Culture!

Before you claim that rap is about the legacy of being a villain or a bad guy who drops from high school and lives a life of a criminal, things are far not the same everywhere. If we take a look at the hip-hop community, things will look brighter. It also means that singing about living one’s life like that is not always a reflection of what happens in reality as long as you take a deeper look! Hey, you can even major in hip-hop culture or receive a scholarship aimed at rising rap singers that come from single families or are young student parents. As they say, do not judge a book by its cover!


Barbara Freeland grew up listening to rap and hip-hop music as it inspired her to learn and succeed. As an established analyst and educator, she believes in the power of music and creativity. Follow Barbara to find new ways to learn and discover helpful tips.

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