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Top 10 Female R&B Artists of the 80s and 90s

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R&B Music (Rhythm and Blues) of 1980s &1990s

80s R&B Female Singers and 90s R&B Female Groups & Singers

The 80s and 90s R&B female artists are within a genre of music that keeps you in your feelings with words that pierce through the walls that you have created to lock all that energy you see as negative out, and tunes that have you smiling and slow dancing with yourself in your sitting room with a glass of wine in your hand, cheap or expensive.

Since its origin in the 1940s to 1950s, different artists have mastered the arts of blessing our souls with beautiful music, and since then till now, there have been different R&B songs which had delved into the very core of our being.  That said, here is a list of the R&B music that easily rocked our world, way back in the 80s and 90s.

Top Ten 80s R&B and 90s R&B Female Artists

Destiny’s Child / Beyonce. Even though the group and the solo artists could be accounted for as two different things, but it is without a doubt that Destiny’s Child and Beyonce dominated the 90s R&B female groups of the decade, as well the 2000s, while becoming legends and true icons.

Whitney Houston. Only following Beyonce, Whitney Houston is one of the greatest selling R&B artist of all-time. Debuting in 1985 with her self-titled album, Whitney Houston would continue her success from soundtracks to solo albums as the leading 80s R&B female singers.

Janet Jackson. Multi-Platinum selling artist, it would take her third album of “Control” to go from under the shadows of the Jackson name.

TLC. Not much needs to be said, but Left Eye, Chili, and T-Boz formed one of the most successful music groups of all-time with the diverse set of hits, “Waterfalls”, “No Scrubs”, “Creep” and many more.

Aaliyah. A talented and beautiful woman whose career was unfortunately cut short, but her legacy in music and films has lived on following her death.

Mariah Carey. For two full decades, the 1990s and 2000s, Mariah Carey sold millions of records, while reaching the status of diamond almost three times.

Mary J. Blige. Arriving in the early 1990s and continuing a very successful career well into the 2010s, it is without doubt that she is one of the greatest R&B singers of all-time.

Toni Braxton. While debuting with two classic albums, in which both almost went diamond status after selling millions of records, her career would only last successfully into the 2010s.

Monica. Another fan favorite, as her albums would almost always debut in the top ten on the charts, since “The Boy is Mine”, but her debut album of Miss Thang would be one of her most acclaimed.

En Vogue. While most of their success was during the early 90s, “Born to Sing” and “Funky Divas, the group was still able to contribute to the genre with their classic hit singles, like “Don’t Let Go” or “Free Your Mind”.

Honorable Mention 80s R&B Female Singers and 90s R&B Female Artists:

Brandy. Maybe one of the most underrated R&B artists, but songs like “The Boy is Mine” or “Baby” has proved that she as talented as any other artist.

Xscape. Entering the music industry with the hit single “Just Kickin It”, the well known group featuring Tiny Harris and Kandi Burress was quite successful throughout the 1990s.

SWV. Arriving on the scene during the early 90s, the group would be known for hit singles like “Weak” and “Right Here”and become one of the top 90s R&B female groups.

3LW. Releasing three albums during the 2000s, the trio of 3LW had an instant success, but not very lasting.

702. Hailing from Las Vegas, the reasoning behind the name of the 702, the group did make a name from themselves with the classic songs of “Where My Girls At” and “Get It Together”.

Blaque. Though very talented, the group of three women by the name of Blaque would only release one successful project, Blaque.

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