KultureVulturez.com, which receives hundreds of page views daily, is giving individuals the opportunity to advertise their music, product or merchandise.
  • Article Post: For any individual or group that would like to permanently add a post or an article that solely promotes them as an artist or promotes their product and/or merchandise and will not be remove from the site unless notify by the individual who requested the advertisement. The group or individual must provide the content of the article or the post.
  • In Article Advertisement: Have your product or advertisement placement placed in every article of a specific category of your choosing, ex. Rap, Latin Music, Int’l Pop, etc. The advertisement placement will be placed at the top of the article between the feature image and the title heading.
  • Footer Advertisement: Have your product placed on the footer of the website, under the location at the bottom of the website that states “Advertisement”, in which will be viewed on every page and every article on the website. Must provide an image of a size that is around 350×350, along with a link to the individual’s or group’s product or merchandise.
  • Homepage Advertisement: Have your product or merchandise placed at the very top of KultureVulturez.com homepage. Provide a size of your choosing, but does not exceed a height of 1000 pixels, and a link to your product.

*Disclaimer: KultureVulturez.com has the right to decline any advertisement request that does not seem suitable with the beliefs and traditions of the website. Through purchasing advertisement, we do not guarantee any specific achievements, like gaining followers, views, purchases, etc., only the fact that thousands will view the advertisement placement.

To advertise with KultureVulturez.com please contact media@kulturevulturez.com