Aima D

Italy’s Next Top Rap Star

Fresh off his latest release titled “Soldier”, a 15 song mixtape, AimaD, an artist that debut in 2018 with one of his first singles “Il cielo non cè” and followed by releasing an album titled “La Follia dell’Esistere”, all while still only being a teenager, is on a mission with no stop in sight.

“An emerging part of the urban scene who presents himself with lyrics entirely written by him, where he mixes an important metric level with melody and a decidedly “romantic” vein, his values such as strength interior, love”.

Already performing at some of Italy’s most popular festivals, like Festival dei Due Mondi, and have had the opportunity to be an opening act for top Italian artists, like Mahmood, AimaD’s journey seems to be headed in the right direction, especially with a strong team of ABNormal Music and great production by D4D (Giovanni De Rosa) behind him.

Since arriving onto the Italian hip hop scene, AimaD has been consistently releasing singles that have gained thousands of streams and Youtube views, from “Ilary” and “Il cielo non c’è” (The Sky is Not There) to his most popular song to date “4:15”, all leading up to his latest project “Soldier”.

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The “Soldier” AimaD and his inner conflict between tears and metamorphosis are the concepts at the center of the 15 unpublished works of this work to be listened to in one breath, like a DJ set!

During the lockdown, AimaD experienced, in an unexpected and dramatic way, the limitation of his freedom as a twenty-year-old and as an artist, victim of a real “siege” of conflicting sensations that led him to reflect on the deeper meaning of life.

In fact, the rapper has lived this last year in a “trench” in which his feelings have always been in conflict and he is looking for a difficult balance, between past mistakes and the desire to be reborn.

From the very beginning, this situation of surreal detachment from reality has become full of tension and stress, triggering a sense of emptiness, aggressive behavior and an increase in anxieties and fears; writing proved to be his most precious ally for him and the final result is not only “SOLDIER”, but a gradual change towards stability, based on the deepest affections and his emotional strength.

The “path” that the artist takes from the beginning to the end of the tracklist is also clear to the listener who is carried away by the narration of the mixtape, thanks to carefully studied beats in the sounds and arrangements and texts – always signed by AimaD – raw, cold but never resigned. Music and words explode in tracks that follow one after the other that begin full of anger, go through a growing pain and culminate in a newfound “Strength” at the end.

“SOLDIER”: a portrait of AimaD “back” from the front of his battles:

“The war is over, I die fighting I will rise again when it starts, … again”

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Kulture Vulturez: What gave you the idea to start rapping?

AimaD: The idea is the result of a dominant flow of thought, my happiness has always been ringing in my headphones.  I believe everyone comes into the world for a reason and I was glad I found it soon, many good things and bad things became part of my life very soon and music helped me find a balance.

What did you grow up listening to?

AimaD: The first rapper I’ve heard in my life that made me think “what the fuck is this shit? I want to do it too” and it was Eminem. Later my aunt showed me the 8 miles movie and it was an immediately love for that music and for the story it told, but I was still too small to understand American hip hop. Luckily in my country I discovered that this stuff was becoming a cult too, so my adolescence was marked by Italian Rappers like Fabri Fibra, Emis Killa and Marracash.

What is Italy’s hip hop culture like and how has it influenced you?

AimaD: More than influenced, they gave me a hand to grow, because they were the only figures who, without doing it on purpose, spoke to me about the same discomforts I grew up with. As I said, more than influencing my music it gave me the strength to tell my story and the aptitude to become an artist.

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How has growing up in Italy molded you as a person and artist?

AimaD: As an artist I don’t know what to say about that but as I always say AimaD and Damiano are the same person and as a person it gave me a good cultural background and at the same time a critical sense towards what I didn’t like.

Has American hip hop influence you and your music?

AimaD: Surely it is the only source of stimulus that spurs me to reach the top, I owe everything to the American hip-hop culture that will never stop to amaze me, how? Simply listening to it.

As an artists what are some of your biggest accomplishments?

AimaD: Certainly having been a source of inspiration for friends and even non-friends to approach music and be aware that making music is good for someone

Your favorite song or project that you have released?

AimaD: I think 4:15 is that song that can plays in the heart of a street kid and played on the stage of the ariston theater. Every song that I’ve done has made me proud of myself. So my best Music is always a “COMING SOON” you know.

What are your overall goals and or what do you want your legacy to be as an artist?

AimaD: I have no intention of setting limits on Damiano and I want to leave the fact that goals can be achieved without compromising with anyone. Grow a pair!

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