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Top of the Stage and Lecture Hall: American Songstresses Who Simultaneously Soared in College and Career

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Top of the Stage and Lecture Hall:

American Songstresses Who Simultaneously Soared in College and Career

Taking a look at famous American songstresses, it becomes evident that many of them have been too busy trying to develop their professional musical careers. Even personalities like Tina Turner or Ariana Grande never really went to college, as the times have been quite different when their stardom took place. Nevertheless, they worked hard to achieve career success. If we take a look at the current stars, we have more luck with finding ladies with college degrees at the top of their careers. How they manage it remains a secret, but let’s take a look at those female stars that know how to take the top of the stage and rock the lecture hall at the same time!

Top of the Stage and Lecture Hall: American Songstresses Who Simultaneously Soared in College and Career

  • Sara Bareilles.

You might remember her by the “Love Song” hit that topped the charts for weeks. Now, Sarah is not only a Grammy Award nominee but also a graduate with a degree in Communication Studies from UCLA in 2002. She was a very good student and often assisted other students with creative writing tasks. While we might not be able to ask Sara for help, we have an online essay service to manage assignments while managing one’s career. Who knows, maybe you are the next star to hit the stage and make it to this list.

  •  Toni Braxton.

Toni Braxton has graduated from Bowie State University with a teaching degree. She is an example of a hard-working personality who always strived for helping people in all the possible ways she could. Toni often speaks in favor of education as it is what helps to feel better and secure when researching things or coming up with subjects for lyrics, interviews, learning languages, and planning shows. As a young person, Toni dreamt of being a music teacher but decided to choose a music career instead once she became noticed by William Ed Pettaway Jr, a famous producer who had heard her sing at the gas station.

  • Carrie Underwood.

She is a famous Oklahoma Northeastern State University graduate with magna cum laude with a B.A. degree in Mass Communication. She would take time to spend her summer time working just like an average student. She is a true example of being humble and showing her best both in music and academics. When she graduated with a high school diploma, she did not even think about singing until she learned that it is another way to make people listen.

  • Sheryl Crow.

Sheryl Crow has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition, Performance, and Education from the University of Missouri’s School of Music. She was also a part of famous sororities, which continued with her social activism. You can click to read more to see how rock music contributed to education. Now, you might not even remember the fact, but before she became a superstar, Sheryl was a music teacher at the local elementary school in Missouri! Now, who wouldn’t love a music teacher like that?

If We Consider Dropouts!

Now, if we consider those who dropped out and did not get a degree yet, it’s necessary to mention Lady Gaga, who is a truly bright personality and a hard-working student. Once she graduated from the all-girls school in Manhattan, she actually went to explore a career in Music at the famous Tisch School of Arts at New York University. She was a really good student for two long years. Unfortunately, she had to drop out to focus on her music career. An interesting fact is that she was one of the best students and only left college because she could not manage it. Still, she plans to graduate once she has more time to give it her best!


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