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For as long as the lights have been bright in the world of adult entertainment, there’s been a noticeable gap in the diversity department. Asians and their role in adult entertainment is a journey that has been long, with roots in both cultural stigmas and stereotypes. Historically, the presence of Asians in adult films have been minimal. Yet, over the years, there’s been a slow shift in their presence. Today, we’re starting to see more representation, breaking down barriers, and challenging the age-old stereotypes that have held talent back for decades.

Top 25 Asian Adult Film Stars

Aria Lee

Aria Lee stepped into the industry in 2018. Originally from Las Vegas, Lee gained popularity due to her energetic performances and relatable persona. Though she is relatively new to the scene, her growing collection of scenes has already earned her notable recognition.

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Asa Akira

Asa Akira is a former adult film actress and author of Japanese descent. She debuted in the adult entertainment industry in 2006. Akira rose to prominence and became one of the industry’s most recognizable figures during her prime. She has received numerous accolades, including several AVN Awards, which are considered the Oscars of adult film, and an induction into the AVN Hall of Fame.

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Ava Devine

Ava Devine was a seasoned actress of Chinese and Italian descent. Having entered the industry in 2003, Devine quickly established herself as a force. Her career is highlighted by the numerous accolades she has received, including the AVN Awards. Over the years, Devine has proven to be an enduring presence in adult entertainment, continually engaging fans with her intense on-screen appearances and passion for her work.

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Avery Black

Avery Black began her career in the industry in 2019. Known for her sleek aesthetic and engaging online persona, Black quickly adapted to the digital age of content creation, cultivating a strong fanbase on multiple platforms. Her modern approach to the industry, including a focus on web-based content, has distinguished her from her peers and marked her as a rising talent.

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Cindy Starfall

Cindy Starfall is a Vietnamese-American who made her industry debut in 2012. The former marketing executive brings a unique mix of business acumen and on-screen talent to her career. Known for her petite frame , Starfall’s work has captivated audiences and earned her several award nominations and wins.

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Clara Trinity

Clara Trinity is of mixed Asian descent, while entering the industry in the 2020s. A relative newcomer, Trinity’s youthful appearance and performances led her to becoming one of the top newcomers. While she is still building her portfolio, her work has been received positively, generating excitement for her future contributions.

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Ember Snow

Ember Snow is an accomplished actress of Filipino descent, having entered the industry in 2017. Her distinct look and engaging performances have led her to be nominated for various awards, marking her as a standout performer. Aside from acting, she has expanded her horizons into directing and producing, showcasing her multifaceted skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Evelyn Lin

Evelyn Lin is a Chinese-American former adult film actress who made her debut in the industry in 2006. Lin, known for her delicate looks, quickly built a name for herself. With her natural on-screen charisma, she became a favored star in numerous productions. Even though she has retired from performing, Lin’s legacy in the industry remains.

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Jade Kush

Jade Kush is a Chinese-American adult film actress known who entered the adult industry in 2017 and has made waves with her distinct looks and natural talent in front of the camera. With an increasing number of high-profile scenes under her belt, Kush’s career has been punctuated by her ability to deliver.

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Jayden Lee

Jayden Lee, of Vietnamese and Korean descent, is distinguished by her exotic appeal and robust performances. Her work in a variety of scenes has earned her praise and recognition within adult entertainment circles. Known for her enthusiasm and adventurous spirit on set, Lee has created a reputable image that resonates with her loyal audience.

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Jessica Bangkok

Filipino actress Jessica Bangkok entered the adult industry in 2007 with passionate and versatile performances. Bangkok has been featured in numerous productions, earning her nominations and awards from various adult entertainment organizations. With an impressive resume that spans over several years, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry.

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Kayla Carrera

Kayla Carrera is a retired adult film actress of mixed German and Filipino descent, known for her exotic looks and athleticism on screen. She began her journey in the adult industry in 2007. Carrera has been featured in numerous adult films and has received multiple nominations making her one of the seasoned artists.

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Kendra Spades

Another Filipino actress, Kendra Spades debuted in the industry in 2018. She made a significant impact in a short period. Her commendable work has not gone unnoticed, earning her nominations for several awards within the adult industry. Spade’s rising star has been fueled by a willingness to explore complex scenes.

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Kianna Dior

Kianna Dior is a veteran Canadian adult film actress of Chinese and Scottish descent, having entered the industry in 1999. With over two decades of experience, Dior’s extensive body of work includes numerous films and scenes. She is celebrated for her longevity in the industry, navigating the evolving landscape of adult entertainment.

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Kimmy Kimm

Kimmy Kimm is an emerging adult film actress who joined the industry in the early 2020s. As one of the new faces in adult entertainment, she has quickly came into the spotlight with her fresh appearance and natural performance style.

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London Keyes

London Keyes is a mixed-heritage American adult film actress with European and Japanese ancestry. She began her career in the adult industry in 2008 and has since become known for her captivating performances and dedication to her work. Over the years, Keyes has amassed a significant number of accolades, including nominations for the AVN and XBIZ Awards.

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Lulu Chu

Lulu Chu, an American adult film actress of Chinese descent, made her debut in the adult industry in 2019. Despite her relatively short time in the industry thus far, Chu has made a significant impact with her performances, attracting a large following with her petite stature and distinct look. She has been featured in numerous scenes and productions that have highlighted her talents.

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Marcia Hase

Marcia Hase, also known as Marica Hase or Marika, is a Japanese adult film actress and former gravure model who transitioned to the adult industry in 2012. Her move to the United States marked a significant expansion of her career, establishing her as an international star. Noted for her delicate features and adaptability, Hase has received several award nominations and has become a beloved figure in both the Japanese and Western adult industries.

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Mia Lelani

Mia Lelani is an American adult film actress of Filipino and Irish descent. Her career in adult entertainment began in 2006, where she made a name for herself with her dynamic performances and commitment to her work. Lelani’s captivating presence on screen has led to her featuring in a wide array of scenes, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

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Morgan Lee

Morgan Lee, also known as “Lil Kymchii,” is an American adult film actress of Korean and Irish descent. She entered the adult industry in 2014 and quickly gained attention for her dynamic performances and strong screen presence. Esteemed for her tenacity and determination, Lee has earned several awards, including the coveted Best New Starlet from various adult entertainment platforms.

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Rae Lil Black

Rae Lil Black is a Japanese adult film actress and content creator who gained fame through her energetic and intense performances since her industry debut in 2018. With a strong presence on social media platforms and her unique alternative style, she has captured the attention of a global audience.

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Rina Ellis

Rina Ellis is an actress with a Korean and British background. She began her career in the industry in 2016. Ellis quickly established herself as she appeared in a variety of scenes and films.

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Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee hailed from France of Vietnamese descent, while entering the industry in 2009. Lee is celebrated for her exotic beauty and compelling performances, quickly standing out and becoming a sought-after talent. Her work has spanned across various European and American productions, leading to international recognition and several award nominations.

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Vina Sky

Vina Sky is an American adult film actress of Vietnamese descent, whose career began in 2018. With her youthful appearance and enthusiastic on-screen persona, she has swiftly made a name for herself within the adult entertainment industry. Sky has been involved in several headline scenes and has been recognized for her work with nominations at the adult industry’s award ceremonies.

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