Top Australia Pop Artists
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Top Australia Pop Artists

Australia Pop Music

List of the Top Australia Pop Artists and Singers

Australia pop artists are located in one of the world’s most popular destinations as this large country that sits just south of Asia has a very booming and promising music scene of Australia pop music.

This English speaking country may not have a popular music scene as the United Kingdom or the United States, but today’s music scene of Australia pop singers has risen into markets all around the world, including the likes of Europe and the United States. While there are numerous legendary singers and music artists that hail from the country of Australia, this list will provide an up to date insight of the music scene of Australia pop music.

Top 25 Australia Pop Artists

1. Troye Sivan (Solo Pop Artist)
Watch on Youtube: Troye Sivan, follow on Instagram: @TroyeSivan, Facebook: Troye Sivan, Twitter: @TroyeSivan
2. Sia
Watch on Youtube: Sia Music, follow on Instagram: @Sia Music, Facebook: Sia Music, Twitter: @Sia Music

3. Tones and I
Watch on Youtube: Tones and I, follow on Instagram: @Tones and I, Facebook: Tones and I, Twitter: @Tones and I
4. Nick Murphy / Chet Faker
Watch on Youtube: Nick Murphy / Chet Faker, follow on Instagram: @NickMurphy, Facebook: Nick Murphy, Twitter: @NickMurphy

5. 5 Seconds of Summer (Pop Band)
Watch on Youtube: 5SOSVEVO, follow on Twitter: @5SOS, Facebook: 5 Seconds of Summer, Instagram: @5SOS
6. Jessica Mauboy
Watch on Youtube: Jessica Mauboy, follow on Instagram: @Jessica Mauboy, Facebook: Jessica Mauboy, Twitter: @Jessica Mauboy

Watch on Youtube: RUEL, follow on Instagram: @RUEL, Facebook: RUEL, Twitter: @RUEL
8. Faydee
Watch on Youtube: Faydee, follow on Instagram: @Faydee, Facebook: Faydee, Twitter: @Faydee

9. San Cisco (Pop Band)
Watch and listen on Youtube: SanCiscoVEVO, follow on Twitter: @SanCiscoMusic, Instagram: @SanCiscoDisco and Facebook: San Cisco
10. Amy Shark
Watch on Youtube: Amy Shark, follow on Instagram: @Amy Shark, Facebook: Amy Shark, Twitter: @Amy Shark

11. Saygrace
Watch on Youtube: Saygrace, follow on Instagram: @Saygrace, Facebook: Saygrace, Twitter: @Saygrace
12. Vera Blue
Watch on Youtube: Vera Blue, follow on Instagram: @Vera Blue, Facebook: Vera Blue, Twitter: @Vera Blue

13. Betty Who
Watch on Youtube: Betty Who, follow on Instagram: @Betty Who, Facebook: Betty Who, Twitter: @Betty Who
14. Cosmo’s Midnight (Pop Band)
Watch on Youtube: Cosmo’s Midnight, follow on Instagram: @Cosmo’s Midnight, Facebook: Cosmo’s Midnight, Twitter: @Cosmo’s Midnight

15. G Flip
Watch on Youtube: G Flip, follow on Instagram: @G Flip, Twitter: @G Flip, Facebook: G Flip
16. Stella Donnelly,
Watch and listen on Youtube: Stella Donnelly, follow on Instagram: @StellaDonnelly, Facebook: Stella Donnelly

17. Mallrat
Watch on Youtube: Mallrat, follow on Instagram: @Mallrat, Twitter: @Mallrat, Facebook: Mallrat
18. Thelma Plum
Watch on Youtube: Thelma Plum, follow on Instagram: @Thelma Plum, Twitter: @Thelma Plum, Facebook: Thelma Plum

19. Ruby Fields
Watch on Youtube: Ruby Fields, follow on Instagram: @Ruby Fields, Facebook: Ruby Fields, Twitter: @Ruby Fields
20. Graace
Watch on Youtube: Graace, follow on Instagram: @Graace, Facebook: Graace, Twitter: @Graace

21. Meg Mac
Watch on Youtube: Graace, follow on Instagram: @Meg Mac, Facebook: Meg Mac, Twitter: @Meg Mac
22. Nicole Millar
Watch on Youtube: Nicole Millar, follow on Instagram: @Nicole Millar, Facebook: Nicole Millar, Twitter: @Nicole Millar

23. Montaigne
Watch on Youtube: Montaigne, follow on Instagram: @Montaigne, Facebook: Montaigne, Twitter: @Montaigne
24. Hazel English
Watch on Youtube: Hazel English, follow on Instagram: @Hazel English, Facebook: Hazel English, Twitter: @Hazel English

Watch on Youtube: CXLOE, follow on Instagram: @CXLOE, Facebook: CXLOE, Twitter: @CXLOE

Honorable Mention Australia Pop Singers:

Kucka  |  Thandi Phoenix  |  Geowulf  |  George Maple
Wafia  |  Yorke  |  Mali Koa  |  Lara Andallo
Eves Karydas  |  Milan Ring  |  Hatchie  |  Kota Banks


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