Top Belgium Pop Artists
belgium pop music belgium pop stars belgium pop artists

Top Belgium Pop Artists

Belgium Pop Music:

List of the Top Belgium Pop Stars (Belgium Pop Artists)

Belgium pop music resides in this small multi-language speaking European country that is not nearly as popular as some of its European counterparts, and to be honest neither is the Belgium pop music scene, but despite not having a huge star to represent the country, other than a few pioneers and legends of the local music scene like former Belgium pop stars Lara Fabian, Axelle Red, Jacques Hustin and others, the country has provided Europe and the rest of the world with some talent that includes top Belgian pop music artists, Belgian singers, and Belgian rappers, all while performing in either English or French.

Top 15 Belgium Pop Artists

(No Specific Order)

1. Angèle
Youtube: Angèle 
Instagram: @Angèle 
Facebook: Angèle 

2. Loïc Nottet
Youtube: Loïc Nottet 
Instagram: @Loïc Nottet 
Facebook: Loïc Nottet 
Twitter: @Loïc Nottet 

3. Laura Tesoro
Youtube: Laura Tesoro 
Instagram: @Laura Tesoro 
Facebook: Laura Tesoro 
Twitter: @Laura Tesoro 

4. Selah Sue
Youtube: Selah Sue 
Instagram: @Selah Sue 
Facebook: Selah Sue 
Twitter: @Selah Sue 

5. Blanche
Youtube: Blanche 
Instagram: @Blanche 
Facebook: Blanche 
Twitter: @Blanche 

6. Alice on the Roof
Youtube: Alice on the Roof 
Instagram: @Alice on the Roof 
Facebook: Alice on the Roof 
Twitter: @Alice on the Roof 

7.  Niels Destadsbader (Traditional Singer)
Youtube: Niels Destadsbader 
Instagram: @Niels Destadsbader 

8. TheColorGrey (R&B/Soul)
Youtube: TheColorGrey 
Instagram: @TheColorGrey 
Facebook: TheColorGrey 

9. Emma Bale
Youtube: Emma Bale 
Instagram: @Emma Bale 
Facebook: Emma Bale 

10. Bazart (Pop Band)
Youtube: Bazart 
Instagram: @Bazart 
Facebook: Bazart 
Twitter: @Bazart 

11. Martha Da’Ro
Youtube: Martha Da’Ro 
Instagram: @Martha Da’Ro 
Facebook: Martha Da’Ro 

12. Lea Rue
Youtube: Lea Rue 
Instagram: @Lea Rue 
Facebook: Lea Rue 

13. Meyy
Youtube: Meyy 
Instagram: @Meyy 

14. Charlotte Adigéry
Youtube: Charlotte Adigéry
Instagram: @Charlotte Adigéry 
Facebook: Charlotte Adigéry 
Twitter: @Charlotte Adigéry 

15. Mustii
Youtube: Mustii 
Instagram: @Mustii 
Facebook: Mustii 
Honorable Mention Belgium Pop Singers
Stromae (Hip Hop / Pop, Dance, Electronic)
Youtube: Stromae 
Instagram: @Stromae 
Facebook: Stromae 
Twitter: @Stromae 
Typh Barrow
Youtube: Typh Barrow 
Instagram: @Typh Barrow 
Facebook: Typh Barrow 
Twitter: @Typh Barrow 
Trixie Whitley (Singer / Alternative)
Youtube: Trixie Whitley 
Instagram: @Trixie Whitley 
Facebook: Trixie Whitley 
Twitter: @Trixie Whitley
Kid Noize (Pop & EDM Producer)
Youtube: Kid Noize 
Instagram: @Kid Noize 
Facebook: Kid Noize 

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