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Not a mumble rapper, not a trendy rapper, but an artist who delivers with his own style, and the release of his latest album, Going Postal, proves just that.  Originally from New York and currently based in Denver, Big Trip is a man of many talents that have ranged from athletics, with an once future in baseball, to having all the abilities to be one of hip hop’s next top rap artist.  Once destined to be in the major leagues, now his destiny seems to be making a major impact in the rap game.

Stream and Listen to Album: ‘Going Postal’

Big Trip’s ‘Going Postal’

A diverse, coming-of-age release, Going Postal takes in everything from modern trap beats to classic hip-hop production across its 13 tracks.

Opener “International” pairs punchy trap snares with Trip’s baritone flow, before new single “Baseball Money Rich” sees more modern production with bombastic lyrics.  Next up is “Luxury”, a smooth, piano-led jam that features a pitch-perfect chorus from platinum selling Marc E. Bassy.

Further collaborations come in the form of “Run A Lap”, with Trip trading rapid fire verses with Fenix Flexin, formerly of Shoreline Mafia, and the sax-led “Supply Chain” featuring exquisite verse courtesy of Cincinnati native Jake James.  Closing things out, “Delivery Notice” sees Big Trip spit slick bars over a seductive electric guitar solo – ensuring the LP finishes on a truly memorable note.

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Meet and Get To Know Big Trip

Kulture Vulturez: How did you get introduced into hip hop? 

Big Trip: Growing up within 30 minutes of NYC in the early 2000’s, the influence of hip hop was all around me. I had a personal love for it from a young age, despite my counterparts around me in the suburbs. By 5th grade, I was dubbed the “Hip Hop Dude” and gave my first on-stage performance at our school play. As I grew into my first love of sports, I constantly had Biggie, 2Pac, or Lil Wayne inspiring me to try harder and make a name for myself. Time soon revealed that the music was changing me more as a man than the sports were.

Kulture Vulturez: What made you want to start making music seriously?

Big Trip:  After realizing I could conquer anything I wanted with the same success I had in baseball, the thought of taking my skills to another profession started creeping on me. After some soul searching on bumpy roads, I realized music was the only thing that truly moved my soul. From there, I made the quick decision to take over the music world.

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Kulture Vulturez: Since getting started, what do you like about being an artist?

Big Trip: The freedom.

Kulture Vulturez: What made you choose a career in music over a professional career in baseball?

Big Trip:  Athletics, and especially baseball, will always be a massive part of my life. However, when contemplating my future, I had to pursue something that fit in with the mold of how I want to live.

Music enables me to be my own boss, think my own thoughts, and be as fly as I possibly can, all while getting my money. With D1 sports, I already felt like I was on someone’s leash. The Yankees would have told me to cut my hair the first day.

Kulture Vulturez: Your biggest song to date, Intl (Sleep when you’re dead) what was the meaning behind that song?

Big Trip: INTL was a spur of the moment song we completed within 30 minutes. Although it was spontaneous and without much thought, it spoke perfectly to the mind-state I was in while creating this album. I can sleep when I’m dead, now it’s time to work.

Throughout the song I reference the stressors that I’m dealing with, all while painting a lavish environment of what it’s like to be a CEO/artist. People have no idea how hard I work. I had a medical emergency while shooting the video and I still worked the next day!

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Big Trip – Baseball Money Rich

Kulture Vulturez: What made you come up with the song Baseball Money Rich?

Big Trip:  I’ve thought about creating a baseball song ever since I started doing music back in 2016. I feel like the MLB doesn’t get enough spotlight in the hip hop world, and I wanted to be the person to change that narrative.

Considering I spent more of my life in a baseball uniform then my designer outfits, it was a pretty simple song for me to make. Also I’m planning on being the MVP in the celebrity All-Star Game, so I figured this would be a good segway.

Kulture Vulturez:  New album Going Postal is coming next week, what’s the concept behind it and what can listeners expect?

Big Trip: “Going Postal” is my first solo project as an artist. I’ve had success in the music scene, doing over 60 shows in the USA and a few internationally, but now it’s time to “go postal“ and take it to the next level. Also, if it wasn’t for my delivery services, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. It’s Big Trip, aka Luigi, aka the PACKMAN. I had to give credit where credit is due.

The beginning of my story is told on this tape, all with the help of my producers Dirty Harry and Stoney, and my “Phil Jackson” of a coach in Denver Mike. From the energizing “Run A Lap”  featuring Fenix Flexin of the Shoreline Mafia to a more soulful track like “Luxury” featuring Marc E Bassy, this project shows my versatility and stamps my unique sound that is simply known as Big Trip.

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