Black Middle Class Neighborhoods

Map of Black America’s Most Affluent Areas

For years, many have often viewed the black community as the ghetto, the slums, or the hood, while being unaware of the country’s large population of middle-class black families. From the affluent suburbs of the East Coast to the large cities of the West, black middle class neighborhoods have been steadily growing in number over the years, but many have been around for decades.

Places like Atlanta and Washington D.C., have often housed the largest populations of black middle class families, while many other cities have only a few communities. While there are not many affluent African American neighborhoods, like Baldwin Hills of Los Angeles, the majority of the areas in cities with large African American populations are not low income or poor, but many are working class living alongside middle class families.

There were times when many African Americans struggled to gain economic stability, there were also times when African Americans thrived before the 1960s and 1970s, showcased in communities like Harlem’s Sugar Hill neighborhood, the all-black resort of Idlewild in Michigan, or the numerous “Black Wall Streets” in places like Tulsa, OK and Durham, NC.

Today, the black middle class is vibrant and has grown substantially since the 1960s and 1970s. As the black middle class has grown, so has the neighborhoods of middle class African Americans, with many being located in larger cities. While some often feature a mix of older and newer homes, but many consists of new developments built as early as the 1990s and 2000s.

The map below only highlights the country’s most affluent black neighborhoods, more so upper middle class communities than your typical working class neighborhood that is home to a variety of incomes, from middle-class to working class to at times lower income.

Map of Black Middle Class Neighborhoods

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