Top Brazil Fashion Trends
brazil fashion style brazil fashion trends

Top Brazil Fashion Trends

Top Brazil Fashion Trends

Brazil fashion trends is a mix of casual and dressy, but always flattering. Brazilians love to show off their figures with their fun and carefree sense of style, and we’re here for it. The fashion industry in Brazil is at its peak especially in the summers, with their variably color palette, exciting prints, and unique new swimwear trends. This summer is no different as our favorite Brazilian designers came in clutch at the SS20 fashion shows. Read on to find out the top 5 Spring Summer fashion trends of Brazil in 2020.

Top 5 Brazil Fashion Trends

Brazil Fashion Style: Cinched Waists
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Brazil Fashion Style: Cinched Waists

Not only did Brazilian designers go for that 50s look with their high waisted swimwear, giving the models the perfect hourglass figure, but they also added belts to add more to the cinched-at-the-waist look. The flattering trend became the hot new accessory used to spice up any bland look instantly and add the perfect pop of color to an otherwise neutral look.

Brazil Fashion Style: 60s Throwback

We could definitely sense a 60s throwback on the Brazilian runways for the summer of 2020, along with a touch of the traditional, proper, and dressy fashion of the 50s. The throwback came in the form of mod style dresses along with mules, cat eye sunglasses, and headbands hitting the runway.

Brazil Fashion Style
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Brazil Fashion Style: Business Casual

Business appropriate outfits became the ideal casual fit this season in Brazil when models and fashion girls rocked different forms of bossy blazers, vests, and dress pants in neutral shades, paired with other casual fashion staples. Whether it was a blazer paired with shorts or a formal vest paired with jeans or a pair of dress pants with a simple crop top, the line between business and casual was merged ideally.

Brazil Fashion Style: Sage Themes

The gorgeous shade of sage was a recurring theme on the runways at the Brazilian fashion shows for 2020. We expect this trend to take flight in the upcoming fall when this moody shade will show up on every dress, every suit, and every shirt, etc. This trend is particularly famous in monochromatic outfits as many models were seen in three-piece sage suits, accessorized with trendy pastel shoes and sunglasses.

Brazil Fashion trends
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Brazil Fashion Style: Tropical Prints

Appropriate for the season and country, tropical print quickly became a hot trend of the summer of 2020 in Brazil. The summery print looked best on pastel shades of pink, teal, and yellow and channeled best through sexy midi dresses, bodysuits, and wrap dresses. Top that look off with your favorite pair of sunnies along with a pair of trendy gladiators, and you’ve got yourself the perfect, modish summer look.

When it comes to new summer fashion trends each year, the Brazilian fashion industry never disappoints. This year’s trends were a wide range of unique twists and classic throwbacks, including 60s mod girl style, belts on swimwear, and summer appropriate prints. Incorporate these fun and stylish trends into your everyday summer style in 2020 to appreciate the Brazilian fashion industry all year.

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