Bronx-bred alt-r&b artist jessa channels escapism in vulnerable new single “saying i’m fine”

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Jessa Channels

Bronx Bred Alt-R&B Artists Releases New Single

Today, Bronx-bred alt-r&b artist jessa reveals her vulnerable new single “saying i’m fine,” an escapist’s dream which solidifies her position as one of the most relatable songstresses in this year’s class of rising artists. jessa’s most personal inner-thoughts take form as a hazy stream of consciousness, as listeners witness her idea of what it looks like to achieve happiness change in real time.

Brooklyn based producer and frequent collaborator Invisible Will (Anna Shoemaker, Ricky James) creates the perfect, breathy soundscape for jessa’s soft vocal lines and soulful delivery, as she comes to the conclusion that you can’t chase happiness; instead, it comes from loving yourself at your core.

“I could get better at being alone / vow to give up staring down at my phone / I bet I would never even get sad / I could stop chasing what i never had” – lyrics from jessa’s “saying i’m fine”


Speaking on the new single, jessa says, “When someone asks how you’re doing, why do we always feel obligated to say we’re fine, even if we’re struggling? I feel like I’ve been on autopilot for a long time; it’s a tactic I use to cope with having intrusive thoughts. Instead of searching for an external source of happiness, I’ve been trying to get better at finding happiness by being my most authentic self. I’ve been practicing intentionality with everything I do, which has allowed me to feel like I’m finally coming into myself on a personal level.”

“saying i’m fine” follows jessa’s latest single “TUFF,” which was premiered via Vice’s Noisey. Her willingness to share her vulnerability through her fervent vocal lines and sincere delivery culminates into an alternative pop/r&b sound that is unique to her artistry. It’s safe to say that the rising artist isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, delivering introspective messages that every twenty-something can relate to.

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jessa – saying i’m fine (Official Audio and Lyrics)