Caribbean Fashion: Top 15 Best Caribbean Clothing Styles

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 Top Caribbean Fashion Trends

List of 15 Best Caribbean Clothing Styles

Caribbean fashion trends and Caribbean attire are known being part of the Caribbean and West Indies diverse culture and traditions. For decades the Caribbean have developed their culture, drawing source from their history and foundation. In the earlier times of history, as a result of slavery, people were driven out of Europe, Africa, and Asia. These refugees and immigrants found safety in the Caribbean islands.

With them, arrived the traditions, beliefs, ideologies, and cultures of numerous other countries. This myriad of cultures resulted in a unique blend that came to the formation in the shape of the rich Caribbean culture. One such example stands that in the designs of their garments, one might find fragments of inspiration drawn from Chinese clothes and garments, yet a look unique to the Caribbean islands remains prevalent in itself.

Every year without fail as the seasons start switching, new trends inspired by our countries’ cultures roll onto the runways and into the markets, and why should the Caribbean be any different? Listed below are some of the latest fashion trends that make Caribbean clothing styles so unique in its standing.

Caribbean Fashion: Bright And Bold Palettes

Garments worn in the Caribbean islands are reminiscent of the beauty of life there. The clothes represent the tropical environment in which everything stands proud in its existence. Caribbean natives will be one of the last ones to shy away from brightening up a palette. No matter which color you name –red, green, blue, yellow, orange– if it’s bold and bright you’ll find it represented.

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Caribbean Fashion: Lively and Vivid Patterns

If there’s one thing other than bright colors that stands out in the clothing of Caribbean natives, it’s the inevitable designs and patterns. Designers like to play with the multiple colors and think, “You know what’s better than one bright color? All of them together!” From bright and powerful reds that catch the eye, mixed with a deep blue that soothes your mind, with yellow hues so full of life, Caribbean fabric patterns stand firm in their vibrant nature.

Caribbean Fashion: Tassels And Fringe

Tassels are a finishing touch to many outfits. They appear in different variations in many cultures and subcultures around the globe. Much like in the Pocahontas movie, tassels are fringe are the Caribbean darlings. Used at the borders of blouses, sleeves, pants, even in jewelry. As for fringe, it’s been adapted in everything ranging from jackets to shoes, to hair. It even took over the western market for a solid decade. But in the Caribbeans, it’s here to stay.

Caribbean Fashion: Loose Yet Stylish Garments

Who doesn’t love loose clothing? Oversized hoodies and sweatshirts seem to be the fashion trend of the century. But in the Caribbeans, loose clothing is loved for its functionality and practicality due to the extremely warm temperatures that stick to the area year round. It’s a good way to avoid getting heatstroke if you need to operate under the sun.

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Caribbean Fashion: Fun Floppy Hats

Most of us know what a sunburn feels, and none of us would want to feel that soul tearing pain again. That statement might be a bit dramatic, but it’s nowhere near as dramatic as the large floppy hats that seem to be the latest trend on the Caribbean islands. Protect yourself from the fiery hell that is the Caribbean sun in the summer while making strangers swerve away from you to avoid your hat. Sounds like a perfect fantasy doesn’t it? Only this one comes true.

Caribbean Clothing Styles: Airy Fabrics

Fabrics such as linen and lawn are preferred for their light, breathable nature. They don’t stick to the body, and they let air pass through the garment which helps avoid over-heating. Although it might be a disservice to call this a trend, airy fabrics have been a Caribbean staple for decades. These airy fabrics allow the wearer to flaunt their style without putting themselves in harm’s way, and we can’t really asl for more.

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Caribbean Fashion Style: Chic, Flowing Frocks

This might sound a little tame, but you have not seen Caribbean designers at their peak. Beautiful patterns adorn the flowing fabrics as models strut down the runways, looking for all the world like Caribbean goddesses. It’s a good thing too, none of them will faint from overheating.

Caribbean Clothing Styles: Wild Feathery Flair

Although feathers might not be the most popular trend, they’re certainly one of the most popular ones. The reason behind their popularity might lie in the balance that is required to adorn yourself with them. Overdoing it might end up with you looking like a plump chicken while underdoing it will have you appear as though you are molting before our very eyes. But once you get the balance just right, who knows? You might even be mistaken for an angel.

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Caribbean Fashion: Bold and Confident Caribbean Head Pieces

Although headpieces are usually worn at festivals and carnivals, it seems that the time for hesitation is long gone, and a new era of celebration and life is ushering in. All over the Caribbean runways, models are sauntering out, proudly embracing their heritage as they adorn their radiant headdresses. These headpieces can be made from a vast assortment of items, such as feathers, beads, lace, plastic, fabric, and anything you can get your hands on.

Caribbean Fashion: Funky, Abstract Prints

With the extreme love that natives of the Caribbean islands have for all things related to patterns, this one is hardly surprising. This trend blends the latest trend in the world of art with traditionally Caribbean prints and a vast amount of colors in a way that leaves us feeling dizzy –in a good way of course.

Caribbean Fashion: The Power Statement Look

Whether it be a dress, or a pendant, or a particularly radiant pair of shoes, the statement is quickly becoming a necessary part of outfits. The theme behind The Statement is that it sends a message across, or shows the world a piece of your personality in the way that you dress. Want to get a clearer idea of what this trend conveys? Think Lady Diana in her revenge dress. Imagine strutting into a party dress in that one dress you’ve been eyeing for ages, and the eyes upon you as the world stutters to a halt. You get the gist of it.

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Caribbean Fashion: Colored Suits

This trend is more popular among men than women. As the era evolves, the lines between men’s and women’s fashions which have for so long limited the creativity of artists are starting to blur, paving the way for a string of new fashions. The idea that only women wear bright and colorful clothing is fading away, and the men are here to claim the palettes.

Caribbean Fashion: The Rich and Beautiful Head Wraps

Before anyone can say anything, no, this is not a trend either, but it’s the base of one. The Caribbean culture has a special place for head wraps, which is the key to a powerful look. Women usually adorn themselves with beautifully styled head wraps. With the latest trend, we’re taking it a little further. Headwraps are worn of plain cloth, but for celebrations, or perhaps when they’re feeling a bit festive, women choose patterned fabrics to make them with. According to the latest trend, jewelry made specifically for head wraps, such as strings of beads and pearls is making its way on to the market.

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Caribbean Fashion: Caribbean Beads

Alright, alright we hear you, and we will say it. Caribbean beads are not a trend. But hear us out. Caribbean beads are traditionally used in bracelets and necklaces. Designers have put a twist on it and used these beads in everything you could imagine. From shoes shimmering with the most vibrant palette of beads, to clothes with beads sewn into the fabrics, even in make-up looks with light, tiny, colorful beads stuck to the eyelids, this trend is everywhere.

Where Do These Trends Come From?

Some of these trends come straight from the ramps of the Boston Caribbean Fashion Week which was founded by Althea Blackford. Others come from the warm, vibrant streets of the Caribbean Islands. Most of these trends are the by-products of finely aged Caribbean heritage and draw inspiration from home. One thing all of them have in common is that all of them are nothing short of mind blowing in their radiance and vibrant beauty.

This fashion trends and ideas for The Caribbean for the year 2020 are so astonishing that right after appearing on the runways of the grand, yearly and seasonal fashion shows, they made their way straight into people’s closets and wardrobes, and in the collections of many loved brands. The Caribbean fashion trends this year have infused the public with a buzzing and vibrant feeling of creativity and motivation to create the most outstanding and the most extraordinary looks from everyday light, to fancy, formal nights.

One thing we know for sure that we have fallen in love with the bright and innovative ideas, and if this year’s trends are so amazing, one can only wonder what awaits in the future.

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