Map of Chicago, IL Gangs & ‘Hoods
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Map of Chicago, IL Gangs & ‘Hoods

Chicago Gang Map

Chicago has recently become known as Chiraq and has been constantly in the news for the amount of violence, below is an example of the streets with a Chicago gang map and hood Map, as well a short documentary on the history of Chicago gangs and more.

The Map of Chicago Gangs, shows the different of blocks and hoods of the 2010s and some of the old gang sets all over the West, South, and East Sides, as well the location of all of old housing projects that were torn down, the history of the gangs and their beginning and more.

Many areas have changed due to gentrification, not enough people in the area due to incarceration or death, or a newer generation has taken over this Chicago Gang Map might not be 100% accurate.

Chicago Gang Map: West Side ‘Hoods

North Lawndale: Main ‘hoods are K Town, home to Gangsta Disciples, Black Souls and New Breeds, and Holy City, the motherland of Vice Lords.

Madison (Garfield Park):  The start of many Vice Lord factions and Chicago gangs like Black Souls or 4 Corner Hustlers.

Austin: From L Town to Wicked Town to North Avenue, home to VLs and 4CHs

Chicago Gang Map: South Side ‘Hoods

Englewood: 55th to 74th with ‘hoods like MoeTown and DamenVille (New City 51st to 55th), NoLuvCity, Lamron, TayTown, Lowe Life, 069, 073 and more w/ Black Disciples, Vice Lords, Black P. Stones and Gangsta Disciples.

Auburn Gresham: Based around 79th, 83rd and 87th with ‘hoods like Terror Dome, Killa Ward, G Ville, SmashVille, Foster Park, TrayTown, FaceWorld, DuckTown, StroCity and more with Chicago gangs like BPS and GDs, as well BDs.

95th Street:  Princeton Park, Rack City, 093, and Nate Ville w/ BPS and GDs

Roseland (Wild Hundreds): Home to ‘hoods like RagCity, Ada Park, Cooper Park, Wentworth, GoonTown, TriggaCity, LarryLand, ChillCity, GoonTown, RudeVille, and more with BDs, GDs, and others.

Chicago Gang Map: East Side / Low End ‘Hoods

Low Ends: 5th Ward, 043, 051, Lake Park, and more w/ Black P Stones, Black Disciples, Gangsta Disciples and Vice Lords.

South Shore: Terror Town, PaxTown, DramaWorld, CenoCity, MaulTown and more w/ GDs, Black P. Stones, BDs, and 4 Corner Hustlers.

South Chicago: JackTown / AngelCity, DeathRow, Triple Bs, RoeBlock and more w/ BPS, 4CH, GDs, and more.

Calumet Heights / Jeffery Ave.: OutlawCity, Jeffery Manor (Murda Park and LAFAs), LsTown (Yates Block) and more w/ BPS and GDs.

Some areas and/or gangs may have changed or are no longer active depending on the area.