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Top 15 Colombian Reggaeton Artists

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Colombia Reggaeton

List of Top Colombian Reggaeton artists

With the help of Colombia reggaeton artists the country of Colombia’s music scene has become one of Latin America’s most popular.  While in Latin America there are many forms of music, like the traditional salsa or cumbia, the following list provides exposure to the the modern and present day music scene that consists of Colombian reggaeton.

Top 15 Colombia Reggaeton Artists

1. J Balvin
Watch music videos on Youtube: J Balvin  and follow on Instagram: @J Balvin 

2. Maluma
Watch music videos on Youtube: Maluma  and follow on Instagram: Maluma 

3. Karol G
Watch music videos on Youtube: Karol G and follow on Instagram: @Karol G 

4. Manuel Turizo
Watch music videos on Youtube: MTZ Manuel Turizo and follow on Instagram: @Manuel Turizo

5. Camilo Echeverry
Watch music videos on Youtube: Camilo and follow on Instagram: @Camilo

6. Greeicy
Watch music videos on Youtube: Greeicy and follow on Instagram: @Greeicy

7. Andy Rivera
Watch music videos on Youtube: Andy Rivera and follow on Instagram: @Andy Rivera

8. Reykon
Watch music videos on Youtube: Reykon and follow on Instagram: @Reykon 

9. Luisa Fernanda W
Watch music videos on Youtube: Luisa Fernanda W  and follow on Instagram: @Luisa Fernanda W

10. Mike Bahía 
Watch music videos on Youtube: Mike Bahía and follow on Instagram:  @Mike Bahía

11. Feid
Watch music videos on Youtube: Feid and follow on Instagram: @Feid

12. Farina
Watch music videos on Youtube: Farina and follow on Instagram: @Farina

13. Itzza Primera
Watch music video on Youtube: Itzza Primera and follow on Instagram: @Itzza Primera 

14. Pipe Calderón
Watch music videos on Youtube: Pipe Calderón and follow on Instagram: @Pipe Calderón

15. Tokischa
Watch music videos on Youtube: Tokischa and follow on Instagram: @Tokischa

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