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Top Denver Rappers

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Denver Rappers:

List of Top Rappers from Denver

In the Box State, also known as Colorado, is a city that has had little to no recognition in the rap game and in the music industry, a city by the name of Denver that will eventually be a proven otherwise. Rappers from Denver may have a West Coast vibe, along with ties to California, but it should be known that Denver rappers represent separately for their city, their region and most importantly their culture that is different from the West Coast.  While it is numerous of artist that are coming from the city of Denver, below is a list that will provide the perfect example of what to expect from the Denver rap scene with the top rappers in the city.

Top Denver Rappers

Trev Rich

watch more on Youtube: Trev Rich and follow on Instagram: @TrevRichHD


watch more on Youtube: TheyCallHimAP and follow on Instagram: @TheyCallHimAP


follow on Instagram: @DirtyXan and Watch more on Youtube: DirtyXan

Aco Baby Sean

follow on Instagram: @ACO_BabySean and watch more on Youtube: Aco Baby Sean

Aux Dior

follow on Instagram: @AuxDior and watch more on Youtube: Aux Dior

Bandman Oso

follow on Instagram: @BandmanOso and watch more on Youtube: Bandman Oso

As stated above, this list of the top 2020 Denver rappers gives a perfect example on what to expect from the largest rap market in the state of Colorado.  To check out more rappers from Denver, check out some of the top Denver music Youtube and social media platforms like CEO Visualz, WhoDaShoota Official, Creating Collective Visions , @InTheField_Media, Johnny Jay Visuals.

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While there are other top artists in the city that might not be currently on this list, if anyone thinks somebody should be added, email media@kulturevulturez.com.