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Dominican born, Bronx bred rapper Moreno ITF exemplifies the ascendancy of the modern Latin movement. With the momentum and quality of his dynamic rising sound, he has established himself as an emerging force amongst the integration of the drill genre. The self-starter continues to generate a diehard following through his music, fashion and revered live performances.

As Moreno ITF’s listenership grows, he is devoted to the reinvention of standards for diverse artist development and opportunity. His brand and lyricism reflect the sacrifice, hustle, and entertainment that life has to offer. Utilizing his complementary passions for fashion, art, film, and overall visual mediums, Moreno ITF is curating a creative space for his mission of multifarious universal expression.

“[I want] to be able to tell my story and give the hope to a kid that comes from the Dominican Republic with no hope and a dollar in his pocket… [they] can dream as big as they want.”

The Bronx native’s eccentric preference for indicative and expressive visuals have propelled attention to his name. With inspirations ranging from A$AP Rocky to Jay Z to Canserbero, Moreno ITF is the culmination of converging creative directions. The transfusion is set to create a new future for the global scene. With global listenership intensifying, Moreno ITF exudes confidence, creativity, and movement within a search for the perfection of the New York Latin Drill style.

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Moreno ITF – Berkin (Official Video by Dny Lugo)


Today, Dominican born, Bronx-bred Latin drill artist Moreno ITF portrays drill culture in a new light in his galvanizing single “Berkin”. The offering fuses the vibrancy of Latin culture through his own ambitious variant of the drill wave, with a track that has the ability to bridge continents and cultures. The single opens with an ominous sirenic melody, drawing listeners in as the Latin inspired production tastefully collides with the staple booming 808s that put New York City drill on the map. “Berkin” is a motivating, upbeat party anthem detailing the “gangoso” lifestyle, a term coined by the rapper himself. According to Moreno ITF, “The Ganogoso way is having a dope clean car, supporting your family, and winning in life.” Moreno ITF is pioneering the Latin Drill movement, exploring his reality of hustling to survive through a positive lens with lyrics like “Yo me recorte y ando perfumao / I’m feeling amazing / El coro mio anda Bien conectao we feeling like Masons.” (lyrics from “Berkin”)

“Berkin” will be released alongside an official music video directed by highly acclaimed videographer DNY Lugo. The visual invites listeners to step right into the screen and join the party, highlighting Moreno ITF in his element surrounded by good times, friends, fashion, music, and more, a true visual representation of what the Latino party scene is like in the US, the gangoso way.

Growing up, Moreno ITF bounced between his two very different lives in the Dominican Republic and the Bronx. From a young age, he made music to cope with his struggles, whether it was wondering where his next meal would come from or how he would make rent in the Bronx at just 14 years old. Some might say that the lack of stability was destined to set him up for failure, but Moreno ITF knew that he wanted more than the cards he was dealt. He found drive in the hustler mentality and rose to the occasion, following the footsteps of fellow trailblazers like Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Dipset who are known for their ability to make something out of nothing.

The Bronx native’s expressive music paints his cultural upbringing, propelling attention to his name from media tastemakers and fellow artists alike. To date, Moreno ITF is the only Latin trap artist to ever perform at the highly acclaimed SXSW festival in Austin, Texas (2021), and has previously opened for Chucky73, and Dowba Montana. His discography boasts an impressive list of tracks, including fan favorite “PENKO”  as well as collaborations with Spanish rapper Kidd Keo and Colombian rapper Yung Sarria on their track “BRONX.” 2022 will be a year full of new releases from the rising star, as he continues to solidify himself as a leader in the cultural movement of Latin Drill.

Feature Image Credit: Danica Robinson

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