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Top Female Reggae Artists

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Top Female Reggae Artists

Female reggae artists, and the genre itself, are much loved in America after originally being created in Jamaica during the 1960s.  Reggae music was confused with other forms of music such as Jamaican Mento and Jamaican Ska, even though some consider Reggae to have been influenced by the two.

As the genre evolved and developed a specific style, the themes of songs broadened to including love between romantic partners as well as love of spiritual beings, while others made songs about oppression, poverty and other negative forces against the natural flow of life and love.

Reggae music expanded fast into the United States, mainly due to the radios in the U.S. that could pick up signals from Jamaica, which displayed a new style of music as its popularity grew.  Another factor was popular culture.

The movie “The Harder They Come” and its soundtrack, featuring reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, was one of the world’s first introductions to the genre.  Following the introduction, people began to accept the likes of Bob Marley,  who is one of the greatest artists of all-time as songs sent strong messages on various topics, and other top reggae artist.

Today, Reggae music has found a home not just in America but a lot of places around the world.  Below is a list of the top reggae artists of 2020 that truly showcases how well the genre has grown since Bob Marley and other artists during reggae’s early days.

Top 10 Female Reggae Artists

1. Stefflon Don, follow on Instagram: @StefflonDon and watch on Youtube: Stefflon Don

2. Koffee, follow on Instagram: @OriginalKoffee and watch on Youtube: Koffee

3. Shenseea, follow on Instagram: @Shenseea and watch on Youtube: Shenseea

4. Spice, follow on Instagram: @SpiceOfficial and watch on Youtube: SpiceOfficial

5. Jada Kingdom, follow on Instagram: @JadaKingdom and watch on Youtube: Jada Kingdom

6. HoodCelebrityy, follow on Instagram: @HoodCelebrityy and watch on Youtube: HoodCelebrityy

7. Stalk Ashley, follow on Instagram: Stalk Ashey and watch on Youtube: Stalk Ashley

8. Ishawna, follow on Instagram: @MsLegendary and watch on Youtube: IshawnaVEVO

9. Shauna Chyn, follow on Instagram: @ShaunaChyn and watch on Youtube: Shauna Chyn

10. Lisa Mercedez, follow on Instagram: @Lisa Mercedez and watch on Youtube: Lisa Mercedez

*Image Editorial Credit: DFP Photographic / Shutterstock.com

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.