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Top 12 Best Female Reggae and Dancehall Artists List

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Top Female Reggae Artists

In the two genres that are often referred as dancehall and reggae, female reggae artists and female dancehall artists are the backbone of the genres.  While both genres have the same origins, Jamaicans gifting the world with two forms of music that has grown and expanded to all regions of the world and often imitated in places of Europe, Latin America, and Africa, they have there differences. 

Reggae began its journey around the 1960s, in which was often confused with Jamaican Mento and Ska, even though some consider reggae to have been influenced by the two.  From love to the fight of oppression and other negative forces, there is a reggae song for just about every topic.  Reggae music expanded fast into the United States, mainly due to radio station signals being picked up from Jamaica.  One of the main factors was popular culture, from the movie “The Harder They Come” and its soundtrack, featuring reggae legend Jimmy Cliff and the introduction of Bob Marley, who is arguably one of the greatest artists of all-time.

Dancehall, in which can be considered a subgenre of reggae music but is a bit different.   More so for the life of the party, the visuals of partying lifestyles of West Indians that have often trend and been displayed on social media and in popular culture is centered around dancehall.  Originally started in the dance halls of Jamaica around the 1970s, which is the origins of the name, and now become one of the world’s top genres.

With a limited size of top female dancehall artists and the overshadowing of female reggae artists by the large roster of male artists, their ability to create their own lanes and avenues and expand themselves as artists across dozens of nations is something that should be applaud.

Varying through multiple genres has led Stefflon Don to be more than one of the world’s top reggae artists.  While she began her career with the hip-hop track “Real Ting”, the song “16 Shots” propelled her career into what it is today, an artist that can dabble between genres, with reggae being one of her most popular. With consistency for the past five years, Sheneseea has taken dancehall to new levels.  No one in Jamaica or no one in reggae can come close to the creative ability of Sheneseea. 

The OG on the list has shown more than just longevity, Spice has become more seasoned as her career has spanned for over two decades, leading her to be one of the all-time greats.  Fresh off her release of her Grammy award winning album, Rapture, Koffee’s music is the purest forms of reggae music that one would come close to.  Being very young and starting her career only a few years ago, Koffee seems to have a very promising career ahead of her.

If Jamaica has a true pop star in the making, then Jada Kingdom is her.  Far from your average reggae or dancehall artist, her growth in popularity is solely from the ability to create her lane of music.  The list continues with reggae and dancehall artists from HoodCelebrityy to Shaneil Muir to Ishawna, from household names to rising stars, from pure reggae and dancehall artists to artists that add their own personal twist to the genres.

The roster may not be as extensive as their male counterparts but browsing the lineup of top dancehall female artists and reggae female artists there is no shortage of talent.  The artists have taken the two genres into the international pop scene, and not just in the Caribbean, United States, or the United Kingdom.

Top 15 Female Reggae & Dancehall Artists

1. Stefflon Don follow on Instagram: @Stefflon Don and watch on Youtube: Stefflon Don

2. Shenseea follow on Instagram: @Shenseea and watch on Youtube: Shenseea

3. Spice follow on Instagram: @Spice and watch on Youtube: Spice

4. Koffee follow on Instagram: @Koffee and watch on Youtube: Koffee

5. Jada Kingdom follow on Instagram: @Jada Kingdom and watch on Youtube: Jada Kingdom

6. HoodCelebrityy follow on Instagram: @HoodCelebrityy and watch on Youtube: HoodCelebrityy

7. Shaneil Muir follow on Instagram: @Shaneil Muir and watch on Youtube: Shaneil Muir

8. Lila Ike follow on Instagram: @Lila Ike and watch on Youtube: Lila Ike

9. Moyann follow on Instagram: @Moyann and watch on Youtube: Moyann

10. Stalk Ashley follow on Instagram: @Stalk Ashey and watch on Youtube: Stalk Ashley

11. Denyque follow on Instagram: @Denyque and watch on Youtube: Denyque

12. Alicaì Harley follow on Instagram: @Alicaì Harley and watch on Youtube: Alicaì Harley

Honorable Mention Female Dancehall & Reggae Artists

Ishawna follow on Instagram: @Ishawna and Youtube: Ishawna

Sevana follow on Instagram: @Sevana and Youtube: Sevana

Neeqah follow on Instagram: @Neeqah and Youtube: Neeqah

Dovey Magnum follow on Instagram: @Dovey Magnum and Youtube: Dovey Magnum

Ikaya follow on Instagram: @Ikaya and Youtube: Ikaya

Lisa Hyper follow on Instagram: @Lisa Hyper and Youtube: Lisa Hyper

Pamputtae follow on Instagram: @Pamputtae and Youtube: Pamputtae

Macka Diamond follow on Instagram: @Macka Diamond and Youtube: Macka Diamond

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the largest followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.