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The Florida lifestyle of black and street culture is richly diverse, reflecting a vibrant blend of cultures and traditions of individuals with backgrounds from the South and the West Indies. This community has contributed to the state’s social and cultural landscape, enhancing Florida’s multicultural appeal. Florida’s warm climate and one of a kind scenery add to the quality of life, making it one of America’s most distinctive cultures among black culture.

Top 3 Popular Florida Lifestyle Trends

Dreds (Wicks)

The Wicks hairstyle is a modern and trendy style of dred locks that began in South Florida and has expanded throughout the entire state. Originally popular and mostly worn by West Indians, Haitians in particular, but as the Zoes (Haitians) influence and popularity grown throughout the streets of Miami and Broward County, this style expanded from South Florida to Central Florida to North Florida, and beyond.

Gold Teeth

Gold teeth have a long history and cultural significance in the black communities of the South. The tradition of dental decoration with metals and gems can be traced back thousands of years. However, it is unclear how it became part of Black culture in America. In the 1980s, gold teeth gained national attention through celebrities like rappers and boxers, further popularizing this trend. Today, gold teeth and grills are not only considered a fashion accessory but also a symbol of identity and connection for many individuals, and this is the most prominent in South Florida compared to other cities.

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In the Black community, old school cars hold a special significance. These vintage vehicles not only represent a bygone era of craftsmanship and style but also serve as a reminder of the achievements one has accomplished. With many individuals around the country losing passion for collecting old school cars built during the 1970s and 1980s for newer muscle cars or the latest foreign car, Florida has stayed true to themselves and remaining one of the only places in the streets of America to prioritize the customized old school whip, known as the Donk, over the new schools that need little modification. To be noted, in Florida, loud candy paint and large rims are placed on any style of car one chooses, from old school to new school.


Florida, prominently known for its diverse culture and populations, from North Florida to South Florida, has some similar and different dialect, or lingo, among its people. Unique terminology can be heard throughout the state, lingo that is solely based in Florida, at least for the most part. This includes words like Jit (JIT aka Juvenile in Training), Green (Lame), Woe (Friend or my Dawg), Fried (Stupid or Crazy), Motion (Making Moves), Duck, Gritz, and more…

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