Hip Hop: A Tool for Social Change among Students

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Hip Hop:

A Tool for Social Change among Students

Over the last 20 -25 years, Hip-hop turned into a powerful cultural movement. You can use not only the language of music and lyrics; hip-hop also includes the art of graffiti, and the way you dress can also be the way of expressing yourself. Pretty often, hip-hop can be used by young students all over the world as a way to state what they like or don’t like and what they want to change in society. In this article, we would like to give a few examples of how hip-hop can be used by students as a tool for social change.

The roots of hip-hop

Hip-hop was born as a response to different problems that African Americans and citizens with Latino origins were facing in the communities in the Bronx. When no one wanted to listen to their voices, telling society about social and economic problems they were facing, hip-hop turned into a way to make others listen to them and notice them. It quickly became popular in all corners of the US, and then gradually, thanks to graffiti and rap music, the whole world was under its influence. Of course, as in everything, not all hip-hop artists are of high level and want to change something in society.

Some of them are just trying to earn money using the popular trend. It’s like with writing services; they can all say that they are reliable, but sometimes it’s just enough to read   https://scamfighter.net/review/writersperhour.com, and you will understand that you should not use the services of WritersPerHour. The same happens with music. Graffiti can make no sense; some songs can be about partying and not some serious social issue. That is why you have to be picky when choosing your hip-hop bias.

Hip-Hop as a way to say something out loud.

Hip-hop has a unique ability to speak out loud about serious social problems through the lyrics. You can also find works of graffiti that bring the same issues, just as music. And actually, not only social problems can be turned attention to thanks to the culture of hip-hop. Political and ecological problems can all be distinguished in modern artists’ works. Students consider hip-hop to be one of the universal ways to express their opinion about any topic. That is why students pretty often use this way to talk to the world and to show what kind of issues bother them.

Trying to be a successful student and hip-hopper.

An important thing to remember is that even if you are planning to become the one who would transmit important messages through lyrics or dances, or street art, it’s always to be a part of a team. The topics of the problems you are planning to talk about are typical for the part of your country, that is why it’s not a surprise that you will not be alone in your judgments and opinion.

One of the greatest ways to find who shares your opinion is by working and studying together. There is a high possibility that some guy sitting near you in the coworking space can become a good friend for you and a person that completely shares your thought and beliefs. And if you are interested in creating such a coworking space being a student, it can turn into a good start-up for you and, at the same time, a way to find a lot of like-minded people. If you need some advice, you should check nikkisplate.com.

Positive changes in society can be provoked by hip-hop.

If you think that just music and dancing can’t change, you are mistaking so much. The events, such as fundraisers or workshops organized by students, should not only change society by promoting education, equality of rights, and many other important social aspects of today’s world, but they should also change the psychology of students themselves.

Students, as a young generation with a proactive position, should understand that they are those who will determine the development of the country they live in and that they have the power to change whatever they want. It is important to get rid of the sensation that one person can’t change anything. It’s important to believe in yourself, and then you will see that the impossible is nothing.

The Impact of students’ active position.

Those students who are involved in hip-hop activism can be easily distinguished because the positive influence is very noticeable. Such students usually turn into leaders of their course; they inspire others to become more aware of the social problems we are facing, not to ignore them and try to solve them. If you are hiding from some challenge in your life, it doesn’t mean that it will disappear; it means that it will become more difficult. So, the best way is to face it and try to solve it.