Hip-Hop Jewelry: The Eras of Jewelry in Hip-Hop

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Jewelry in Hip Hop

Eras of Jewelry in Hip Hop

Hip Hop is all around huge bling chains with pendants dribbling in jewels and curiously large gold rings. From the first light of hip hop to the exceptionally distinctive music scene nowadays, the luxurious shimmer of frosted-out adornments is not as it appeared social status; it’s moreover gotten to be a portion of the showcasing procedure inside the hip-hop industry. The more adornment shimmers, the better! This thing has become really popular, and now even popular culture is accepting it.

What is Hip-Hop Jewelry?

Bling adornments are ordinarily utilized to depict frosted-out or jewel-encrusted gems. “Iced out” may be a term utilized for gems that are totally submerged in jewels, giving an evidently excessive shimmer.

Transcendently worn by A-list celebrities and rap geniuses, from chains to pendants, nearly any piece of gem can be frosted out to ensure that it’ll turn heads. Hip-hop or shiny jewelry is now a regular part of our lives. We can also think that the way famous singers and actors dress influences how people dress.

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Where to Get Hip Hop Jewelry From?

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1970S & 1980S

The 1970s — the decade hip hop was born. Rap music was most frequently made by and for individuals who might, as it were, envision themselves dribbling in precious stones. Be that as it may, when they had the opportunity to climb in social status, they had to yell about it through the dress and gems they wore. Their fashion was a shape of expression parallel to the messages behind their music. Garish and flashy, with brightly colored tracksuits, calfskin coats, and coaches in abundance, the late 1970s hip hop scene saw a really particular fashion of dressing.

Amid the 1980s, hip bounce and its adornments were changed — what was regularly storm cellar music edged much closer to the standard. Kurtis Blow, the primary gold-selling hip bounce craftsman, was one of the primary rappers to promote wearing numerous chains and emblems; he took pictures for his album covers while wearing fancy jewelry made of gold.

Hip-hop and rap stars started wearing flashy chains that became the usual style for them. Women in rap music often wore very big hoop earrings. Gold is becoming very popular and is commonly used in hip-hop jewelry.

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1990S Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip-hop music became a big industry in the 1990s. In the 90s, hip-hop jewelry had lots of diamonds and pretty rocks on it. The shinier your jewelry is, the higher your position or rank. When rap music started making more money, the jewelry that rappers wore became a big part of their looks and identity.

But the hip-hop bling didn’t just include chains and pendants. Diamonds also became really popular for grillz, which are pieces of jewelry worn over the teeth by artists. In the past, grillz were made of gold and diamonds, and it could take three months to make them. The customer received molds that they had to use to make their own copies. They then sent the copies back.

2000S Rappers Jewelry

During the period of late 90s and early 2000s, hip-hop and rap artists were making a lot more money than before. They worked on many different things besides music, like shoes and alcohol. When people had more money to spend, they started wearing bigger necklaces with longer chains, five-pointed star rings and larger pendants covered in diamonds. T-Pain showed off a very expensive necklace that said “Big Ass Chain.”

Hot Boys, a music group that Lil Wayne was a part of, popularized the term “bling bling” in the English language. In April 2004, the Oxford English Dictionary included the term. At that time, Lil Wayne’s mixtapes made him very popular in rap music. He showed off his success by buying grillz that cost $150,000, which were the most expensive ones in hip-hop.

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Hip-Hop Jewelry Trend Nowadays

Nowadays, lots of people like to wear shiny, frozen-looking jewelry called “iced out.” Nothing catches the eye like jewelry that has shiny diamonds on it. Today, hip-hop jewelry is different than it used to be. People like big necklace pendants with lots of diamonds, shiny diamond earrings, and watches with jewels on them instead of thick, heavy chains. Rap stars sometimes buy really expensive jewelry with a lot of diamonds on them. Rick Ross spent a lot of money, about $1,500,000, on a very fancy necklace with his own picture on it.

Hip-Hop Jewelry Influence on Fashion

Hip-hop style became popular in a high fashion very fast, and now you can see hip-hop’s influence everywhere. The famous designer Karl Lagerfeld likes to include flashy hip-hop elements in his designs; the Chanel runway had hip hop style, which included big gold chains. Loose pants and old-fashioned 90s sports clothes have become popular not only on fashion catwalks but also in everyday street fashion lately. Hip-hop music has started to show the influence of the fashion industry.


Hip Hop is a style that involves wearing really big and shiny jewelry like large chains with fancy designs and big gold rings. Hip-hop music has been around for a long time, and now there is a unique music scene. People wear flashy jewelry to show their wealth and status. Get your piece of hip-hop jewelry from ItsHot diamond sellers!

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