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With being one of the top rappers in the city of Denver HunidRack6 is a true representation of the streets, and not just the city of Denver and not just one era or generation. As a 80s Babies Hunidrack6 music speaks motivation to the hustlers and true go getters within the streets, while also embracing and relating to today’s younger generation.

As mentioned, born in the 1980s HunidRack6 was exposed to much growing up in Denver, after being originally from Los Angeles. With his mother being one of the few black business owners in the local neighborhood the hustler in him has always been in his blood, from his music bringing him to top rapper status to owning his own clothing line, the ambitious artist has been making moves for some time now and has much on the way.

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– Hunidrack6 – Talk My S***

Kulture Vulturez: Being from Denver what’s it like growing up there?

HunidRack6: I’m originally from L.A. but I was raised majority of my childhood in Denver. It was dope tho, I’m a 80s Baby so our upbringing was a lot more exciting than these youngins now. When we moved here from L.A. my mom was the only black partner in Denver’s first and only swap meet called “EZ Mart” so I spent a lot of time there which was in the hood. All the Dopeboys and Gangstas would pull up to get all their jewelry, clothes, all the shit. I just came up around alotta Gangbanging, Drug Dealing, and Hustling.

Kulture Vulturez: In your opinion how is the Denver rap scene?

HunidRack6: It’s definitely a lot of talent in Denver but 99% of artist have no clue about the business side of it. The support from the city has gotten better over the years but the problem is that my city is full of rappers that hate on each other instead of uplifting one another. It’s very competitive because everyone wants to be the first STAR from my city.

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– HunidRack6 – Bag Fase

Kulture Vulturez: What got you to started in rapping and making music?

HunidRack6: I always wrote poems as a kid, my vocabulary has always been extensive so it’s always been in me but in high school me and 3 of my patnas made a “2 on 2” bet to see what team would come with the hardest verses so I went home wrote something and when I spit it the next day everybody went crazy so I just never stopped.

Kulture Vulturez: What is your favorite song that you released?

HunidRack6: “Dopeboy” for sure.

Kulture Vulturez: What are your biggest songs that got the most feedback?

HunidRack6: “Dopeboy” “Bag Fase” and “I’m Winnin”

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– HunidRack6 – I’m Winnin’

Kulture Vulturez: What can someone expect listening to you for the first time?

HunidRack6: Some crazy Bars, clever word play, authenticity, I’m relatable to the streets. If you not a money getting nigga or a street nigga you probably wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about most of the time. My music is for REAL STREET NIGGAS ONLY.

Kulture Vulturez: Anything people should be looking out for from you coming up in the future?

HunidRack6: Most Definitely. My second album Bag Fase 3 is set to release July 2, 2021. And I have one of the dopest streetwear clothing in the world called “Paperboy Organic Threads” you can purchase on also follow our IG: @PaperboyOrganicThreads. You can also follow me on IG: @HunidRack6 and make sure you follow me on Spotify and YouTube also “HunidRack6″

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