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Jae B.

Next Up Top Rap Artist

With the release of two hit songs, “Mattress” and “Bad B**ches Only”, along with plenty more on the way, Jae B is on the right path to a successful career in the rap game.

Hailing from Cleveland, this former basketball star has already accomplished much in life, with making it out of one of the roughest cities in the country being the biggest accomplishment.

Now it is time for Jae B. to take over the music industry.  With Hood Rebel being his brand and company the mentality is already there and if his current work ethic and drive continues it should be only a matter of time until we see him reach levels in hip hop that most do not get a chance to achieve.

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Meet and Get to Know Jae B

Kulture Vulturez: Where did you grow up at?

Jae B.: I’m from Cleveland, OH – Uptown! We call it “Up The Way!” I’ve only been here in Duval for a few years now.

Kulture Vulturez:  Is there anything well known about the communities you grew up at?

Jae B.: For this most part, I suppose it’s just like any other city. Some neighborhoods are good, and some are bad. You just gotta know which parts to stay clear of if you want any drama. It’s a sports town, so there is always something to do.

Even throughout the week you could slide downtown to hit a club or two; or you could visit one of the local bars uptown. We stay outside! That was all pre-COVID of course. The thing I’d say I miss most is the food. Cleveland and its surrounding areas are so diverse. You could find just about anything that you’re looking for.

Kulture Vulturez: Was music always part of your life, anything as a kid that would indicate you would become an artist and make music?

Jae B.: Not really. I was actually pretty good at basketball growing up. Through my adolescence I played for a few traveling teams. I know there is a lot of guys who claim they can play ball; but no joke. I’m 6’7, 280 pounds. And my jumper is crazy! Try me!

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Kulture Vulturez: What made you decide to take making music seriously?

Jae B.:  It’s wasn’t until I was discovered by a local radio DJ did I decide to give this music a shot. The DJ goes by the alias of DJ Chicago. He heard me rap in a cypher I participated in outside of his record store. He liked my flow and delivery, so he asked me if I had any music recorded. At the time I did not, so he booked some time at a studio and we put together a mixtape.

I remember back in high school there was a bunch of guys you’d catch freestyling at the lunch table, but I wouldn’t participate. I could always rap but at the time I was more focused on other things. I wanted to finish school, go to college, and then pursue a career in finance. Once I accomplished those goals, I took a step back and decided to give music some focus. It started out as a hobby but once my first mixtape made it out the neighborhood and started circulating throughout the city, I knew I had something.

Kulture Vulturez: Hood Rebel Muzik what’s the meaning behind that?

Jae B.:  Hood Rebel Muzik is a record label/ brand I’ve established. As a young black male, you have to understand that are a lot of stereotypes about us in most cases that aren’t true! We are not all out here robbing people, shooting guns, doing drugs, and having babies with 4-5 different women without support (If you’re in that situation and taking care of your kids, then I’m not talking about you).

I stand for something more positive. What I bring to the table is an artist who is not another cliche. Hood Rebel means to rebel and stand for something different for the better. But it’s still by any means necessary!

Kulture Vulturez: Your song “Mattress” what’s the concept behind that? “

Jae B.: Mattress” was actually a record that was featured on my last project, “Eleven14.” It was a dope record that I chose to shoot for my first music video. It never really got the attention it should have due to reasons I wish not to discuss. However, I chose to re-release the visual prior to this new wave of music I have been putting out lately.

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Kulture Vulturez: “Bad B**ches Only” what led you to making that song?

Jae B.: To be honest, that record almost was not the hit it has become. I had the instrumental to the track for about two months before I decided to even record it. The chorus came to me instantly… I did not want to finish writing the record because Leyenda Rob; the producer has a habit of posting all of his beats on both YouTube and SoundCloud. “Whenever I record a song, I select tracks that are exclusive to me. I hate using material that has been used with so many other acts.”

I was at home one day scrolling through records and my wife heard me singing the hook. She thought it was a track from some other mainstream artist. When I told her that it was mine, she said I needed to record that immediately. I called Leyenda Rob on the phone and asked if any other artist have you used it; he said no… and the rest was history.

Kulture Vulturez: From The Ground Up is upcoming album, what can be expected behind that?

Jae B.:  Without exposing too much. I have more music videos on the way! Also, just know I have some features from a few big-name artist, and there is some production on the project from producers with names even bigger. You all have to stay tuned.

Kulture Vulturez: Anything else people should know?

Jae B.: Future plans, be on the lookout for. “From The Ground Up” coming soon. Hood Rebel Muzik, we here now!


Booker T. Franklin III (JAE B.)
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Hood Rebel Muzik Group, LLC
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