Johannesburg Slums

Map of the Top Notorious Neighborhoods in Johannesburg

Ever wondered why some of the streets of a place known as Jozi have more tales than your regular city? It’s no secret Johannesburg is a city of contrasts, where wealth and poverty live side by side, and every street tells a different story. But tucked away from the skyscrapers, the business districts, upscale communities, and high-end areas of shopping and restaurants, there are neighborhoods that have earned a reputation.

Have an opportunity to take a deep tour into the heart of the Johannesburg slums, a breakdown of the top most notorious neighborhoods in the city. From the corners of Hillbrow to the unpredictable streets of Yeoville, and down the paths of Berea, uncovering the grit of one of South Africa’s most dangerous cities.

Map of Johannesburg Slums

This guide gives a visit into the heartbeat of Johannesburg streets, while carving out the truth of beyond the headlines and giving an understanding on the history and the start of the slums and hood areas of Johannesburg. At the top of the list includes Hillbrow, an overcrowded section of high rise apartments that has possible become South Africa’s most infamous neighborhood.

Right besides Hillbrow stands the neighboring areas of Berea and Yeoville, both similar with stories and backgrounds. Further out into the suburbs and outside of the inner city stands several neighborhoods, like Alex, Diepsloot, and several other makeshift neighborhoods that were created through the apartheid. From the inner city to the outskirts, Johannesburg has a number of neighborhoods with their own unique background and creation.

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