Junito Wen: Rising Dominican Rapper Talks Music, Dominican Republic, & More

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Junito Wen

Top Spanish Hip Hop Artist

Despite reggaeton being the leading genre of music in Latin America, Spanish hip hop artist Junito Wen has been pushing through the barriers and emerging as one of the top rappers from the Dominican. While the streets of the Dominican Republic maybe unknown to the outside world, Junito Wen brings it straight to the audience through his music and his visuals, especially with songs like “Hood Scars” and “Desde El Ghetto”, but can also switch it up with songs like “Chipeala,” which embraces the Latin sound of reggaeton that world has come accustomed to.  With the opportunity to get to know Junito Wen, the Dominican artist further breaks down his music, life and hip hop in the Dominican Republic, and much more.

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Junito Wen – Hood Scars

Get to Know Junito Wen

Kulture Vulturez: How did you get started in making music?

Junito Wen: Well I started doing freestyle battles when I was in 4th grade, I didn’t even knew what a music studio looked like to be honest.  In 2012 I moved to Queens, New York and that’s where I started recording music with my cousins.

Kulture Vulturez: Is rap music big in the Dominican? Are there any rap legends or pioneers?

Junito Wen: Rap in the Dominican Republic is not a big deal right now, but back then Lapiz Conciente, Joa, and Toxic Crow opened big doors for us new up and coming artists and that’s why we’ll always respect them.

Kulture Vulturez: How can you explain what’s life like growing up in the Dominican for the outside world?

Junito Wen: Growing up in the neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic is not easy at all, but there you learn and value so many things that only those who grew up there understand what I’m talking about.  As in all parts of the world there are good people and bad people, but good people in the Dominican Republic are lower class people with such great humility that even without knowing you it hurts them to see you suffer.

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Junito Wen – Desde El Ghetto

Kulture Vulturez: How can you explain your music, what can listeners expect?

Junito Wen: I consider my music a set of feelings turned into magical words that when you listen to them you feel it in your heart.  I do not need to talk about romance for my songs to reach your soul, I just express what I live and I am completely sure that you have also gone through the same thing.

Kulture Vulturez: What’s your favorite song that showcases you best as an artist?

Junito Wen:  My favorite song of all that I have done is called “Desde El Ghetto”, it is a song that talks about a boy with the dream of traveling all over the world with his music, how things have changed over time, the people who support you when they see some benefit in you, friends who betray you after helping them, in short, everything I’ve been through since the first day I started making music.

Kulture Vulturez:  What’s next and what should be on the lookout for from you in the future?

Junito Wen:  Right now the only thing left to do is keep working and improving quality every day.  In 3 weeks we coming out with “Party De Gangsters”  where I was invited by Rey Gatsby and several other artists who reside in the city of Atlanta.

Instagram: @Junito Wen  |  Youtube: Junito Wen