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Rising Chicago Rap Artist

Jushay Signature a young fresh new female artist born and raised in Chicago, is on her rise to impact this generation with her unique style. With her dedication, she is encouraging the youth to remain authentic while having fun. Jushay will keep you listening with her unforgettable metaphors and unpredictable cadence!

The talented Chicago artist manifested her vision by implanting her passion in words and wisdom through her projection of emotion. Witnessing her parent’s aspiration to make ends meet inspired her to provide the same dedication towards her melody. Music is therapeutic for her and as soon as she hears the beat her soul enters another realm of motivation and harmony.

This year, 2021, Jushay Signature dropped an album called Chicago Bull. Coming from Chicago is her reality, but coming from anywhere, she understands everyone encounters so many obstacles that will push them along their journey. Her goal is to empower and also help the hopeless understand and accept the pressure that surrounds them because it will turn them into the diamond they always were. She wants people to understand it’s all in the mind. Re-frame your thoughts and create the reality you picture.

Chicago Bull

Welcome to her world “Chicago Bull” where you will get to understand Jushay as an artist and how her city built her character but also, how its in her DNA to accomplish any and everything she desires. And She just happen to be a Taurus who encompasses so much DRIVE.

This 14 track album is just like it sounds. It’s for all the winners out there, striving to keep those W’s. Songs like “Bull Pit”, “Mojo JoJo”, “Phucumol” and “Chicago Bull” are records that unleashes the monster energy that will bring aggression to your front door, but most of all purposefully keep you motivated, striving to become the best you can be. It’s an energy that will spark and awaken the EGO.

Records like “Goat Talk” and “Life Path 8”, transforms Jushay’s aggression into a winner’s mentality giving her the victory she always deserved. These two tracks are her more fun and youthful records that still encompass her classic clap backs, but are more subtle and fun with her rockstar melodies and catchy hooks.

With so many club bangers such as “Times Change” “Bull in da Jungle”, “Redbull” and “Stand-Offish” Jushay Signature is undeniably a rising star who will soon get the chance to inspire the entire world with her talent. She has what it takes to create a catchy jingle and still pop off some witty bars full of metaphors that will always go over listener’s head the first time, until they listen again with a clear mind. Take a deep dive into her youthful and go-getter spirit and experience her pool of consciousness.

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Get To Know Jushay Signature

Kulture Vulturez: Growing up in Chicago, what do you love the most about it?

Jushay Signature: I love the culture, I love the food, and the people, of course.  We all are different, and all are diverse.  We come from different households where everybody has their own way of thinking and their own way of doing things.  If you’re open minded then I think you can learn a lot from everyone, just on a broader spectrum.

[For example] with music, I have ran into people that like certain music, from house music to dealing with different individuals that like music from Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot.   Just going into meeting new people and just being around different people, I think you get a sense of a different culture, a different way of being, or way of life.  It helps build character.  Me as an artist in Chicago is kind of the like the best part of being in Chicago, we have exposure to so many different foods, different music, everything.  It’s like a melting pot.

Kulture Vulturez: Were you around music when you were growing up?

Jushay Signature: Yeah.  I was in my mama’s womb listening to music, let her tell it.

Kulture Vulturez: What led you to start a career in music?

Jushay Signature: It just always seemed to follow me.  I think the first encounter that I really had, that took me into the studio for the first time was with my cousin, his name is Jack Social.  He is an artist too, a hip hop conscious type of artist that grew up on Eminem, 50 Cent, Lupe Fiasco, and rappers of that nature.  Him being around trying to teach me how to write my own lyrics, because that is a whole strategy.

You have to know how to write music.  There is a difference between going in a booth and reciting some shit, and being able to write your own music, which is real intricate.  It kind of taught me that. At first, he was writing music for me when I was younger.  I was eight years old, young as hell. Eventually he told me he was not going to write music for me no more.  I was like ‘what, why not.’ He was like at the end of the day when it comes down to it you have to learn how to do it yourself because I’m not always going to be around.

Of course, I was not going to let that stop me.  He told me he thought that was going to be the end of everything.  I just kept going. I love being able to express myself.  Music has been real helpful with therapy.  Just being able to express myself without having any consequences behind it.  It took me to a level where I’m like I want to be able to let go and let it all out.  I think doing that and continuously doing that, I just met so many different people that wanted to help me along my ride, help me get further, because I have something. I think that is why I stayed in it so long.

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Kulture Vulturez: Where does the inspiration in your music come from?

Jushay Signature: It comes from so many different people.  Chicago is the melting pot, so just running into so many different people. Even in the industry I have a lot of inspirations. Inspirations from artists like Drake.  I would say [Drake] because one thing about him he is emotional.  By him being emotional he is able to put everything he is feeling, no matter if it sounds like he does not have any masculinity and sounds to feminine, he does not give a f***.

That right there allows me to not give a f***, say whatever I want to say and put it into the music.  Also [Drake] is catchy, I like that part [about him] too.  He is a little bit of both, he knows how to be a lyricist and have bars, and at the same time he knows how to be catchy and simplified it enough for people to catch on to it.

Before Drake, Lil Wayne was definitely one of my favorites growing up, just because he would say [things that were] off the wall. His vocabulary was off the chain.  Wayne had it all when it came down to it.  Bars and being able to recite his music, it rolled off his tongue so fluently.  I think that was something important [to my inspiration].  Eminem, being able to just say what he wants to say.

It’s funny, by me being a female artist you would think I would have female inspirations. I’m not going to say I don’t, because Nicki Minaj is hard, I love [her].  I’m not in that realm, I’m totally different type of artist.  That’s why I don’t have any female artists that I look up to.  Lauryn Hill is one, but I don’t look at her as a super hip hop artist.  A lot of people would compared me to MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Young M.A, or sometimes people would say Dej Loaf, when I play around with the auto tune.

I think I’m in my own lane, I don’t think I sound like anybody.  I have my own flare.

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Kulture Vulturez: How is your music different from what we are use to hearing from Chicago?

Jushay Signature: The way I was brought up. I have morals, I have principals. A lot of the things I learn, like having that unconditional love or being a person with a big heart.  I put that into my music. I come from a foundation. I have my mom and my dad and they are still married. A lot of the foundation I was brought up on, especially today you really do not see people getting married no more.

That family, that loving relationship vibe, you really do not get that anymore. I think because I do get that, I do have that support, I do want to give that away, I want to support a lot of different people, I put [all of that] in my music too.

Not only am I an artist, but I have a show that’s called the Signature Review. I give artists the opportunity to get their music heard through my website, it is called the SigReview.com.  Artists can pretty much send their music to me for free, it’s a free platform.  They send their music and I play their music on my show, at least a hour worth of music whenever I go live on Facebook.  That is just me given away because I love music. Just being able to hear Chicago talent, whether it is people locally or around me or just people online submitting music to me.  I have that background where I always wanted to help and be part of whatever everybody else has going on.

I know we were just talking about music, but that does have something to do with [how my music is different from the typical Chicago rapper]. That support system, especially in Chicago we don’t have that. I think if we had a little more of that, everybody would be able to get a voice. That’s what’s more important to me as an artist, having a voice. I think that is what is different from me and other Chicago artists, because I actually have something to say.

I have this one record, it is not release, but it is about black girls missing. I have another record that I am working on called “Self Love”. Those are things that people don’t really talk about. We have a lot of party music, we have a lot of gang related music. I know it is not really all gang, gang, gang. I was around it when I was living in Chicago, but my household did not have that. Similar to Chance the Rapper, a little bit.

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Kulture Vulturez: What songs of yours mean the most to you and showcases you the best as an artist?

Jushay Signature: For me, in my opinion, I have this one record called “Freedom of Speech” and this one song called “Blue Gang”. I think those songs really give me a voice. “Blue Gang” is talking about the police brutality that’s happening all across the world, just like “Race Soldiers”. “Race Soldiers” is about white supremacy. [Talking about] them killing black people I think needs to be heard.

“Freedom of Speech” is basically me saying what I have to say and not being penalize for it, but also saying things that matter, like Black Lives Matter. I have this one quote that’s like, “the mind is powerful, powerful to devour you, value who who values you, materialism, racism, sexism, dualism, individualism, egotistic is that what you are.” It’s not even about racism, but it’s about all the different isms. Materialism, individualism, that is a lot what we see, as far as people not trying to unite and stick together. I think that is one component.

If you love yourself and have a lot of self love, then you will treat other people [right] and love other people. It’s all about the support. We have to be more of a big support system to each other so we can unite and make it all better for all of us. We too much have that crab in a barrel mentality. That’s one thing I really wish I could change. I know it is not going to change overnight.

Kulture Vulturez: Why give your latest project the title Chicago Bull?

Jushay Signature: Because I have been through so many obstacles growing up in Chicago. It is like [good] kid in a mad city. Chicago Bull is a representation of me coming from a very difficult city, but also being a bull in the city, because I am a taurus, so it goes with my zodiac. I thought of Chicago Bull as far as basketball, because I use to play basketball when I was in grammar school and high school.

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Kulture Vulturez: What to expect from listening to the album?

Jushay Signature: They are going to get some bars, some trendy shit, some fun, but at the same time it’s always morals and principals incorporated.  It is like a puzzle piece. You will be able to hear everything and be like oh.  It’s also a transformation too.

That metamorphosis stage where my city built my character, Chicago made me who I am. It is like the roots; I can’t take that away.  It’s also a blend of bars and it has that autotune flare to it as well.  It’s fun, it is not super serious, but it is at the same time. When you hear the first song of the intro you are going to hear the record and say, damn she went hard.

I have the “Chicago Bull” anthem on there too. It all tells a story, if you hear it is all intricate and everything was on purpose. Even from the names of the songs, everything has bull in it. I have a song called “Red Bull”, I have a song called “Chicago Bull”, I have another record called “Bully”. It was just like me strategically sitting down and saying I want to make this make sense.

Kulture Vulturez: What do you want your legacy to be as an artist?

Jushay Signature: I guess I would just want to be able to talk to the people and be able to let them know all we really need is love. That is all really need is love.

I have not yet been able to release that particular sound of music, just because I was stuck in that Chicago Bull anthem where I am letting you know that this the beginning stages of my chapter, so I am not really done yet.

The legacy is like an ongoing type of thing. Chicago Bull was that footprint to let you know where I came from, but I am not saying that is not who I will become later. The book has to continue to unfold and through time we will be able to see [a legacy]. Chicago Bull is definitely one of those things where this is who I am, but this is not who I am going to be later. It is just one of those stamps. That is why I love documenting my music, because it is time stamped. That is who I was before, but that is not who I am today.

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