Top Midwest Rap Artist out of Denver

One of Denver’s top rising rap stars is an artist by the name of Kreepa who has become renowned artist for his hit song “Oh No”.  Over the course of its release, “Oh No” has generated millions of views and streams on Youtube and Spotify, while the success was somewhat surprising as Kreepa claims “I did not expect it, especially with how much time passed by. It has been over 10 years since I made that song, Simes Carter remade the beat, and I came back and killed it.”

Years in the making, the process of creating “Oh No” is not typical.  Kreepa states, “honestly, I was messing around in my basement using mixtape beats, I heard the beat and basically used the “Oh No” voice to answer my questions.  I was 18 years old at the time, so I thought it was dope.”  With ten years passing, “Oh No” has become the biggest rap song to come from an artist out of the city of Denver.

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Long before the creation of “Oh No”, Kreepa’s uncle and his cousins influenced him to become involved in rap.  Kreepa gives his insight on his beginning, “my uncle and my cousins used to make music, and I would study their lyrics and vibe off their shit.”  In all, this would lead Kreepa into becoming involved in rap music himself.  “I use music like art and an escape tool from everyday life.  So, I write a lot about how I feel, but if I’m turned up that day or in a good mood I could make a hit in 10 minutes”, as Kreepa answers when asked about the subject matter of his music.

While “Oh No” is a big hit, Kreepa tells us “I want to be remembered as a talented artist who believed in myself when nobody did, success is the best revenge.”  Kreepa continues with what to expect from him in the future, “more music, more shows, more merch! I don’t want to speak on too much because it wouldn’t be as special for y’all search my name on any platform “Kreepa”.

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