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Meet Up and Coming U.K. R&B Artist

UK R&B-soul singer Kristie Killick prepares for ‘Feel’, her first self-produced single. With her debut EP ‘Green Street’ and headline show December 2021 with guest appearance from Nego True, the alternative R&B singer is ready to introduce her production as a blossoming, upcoming artist with something to say.

Telling her truths through mellow, soul rich rhythms and cutthroat couplets, Kristie shares her bitter sweet life experiences of love, broken systems and perseverance. She refers to her music as, “Music for when life gets too much, for when the  only love you know has you walking on egg shells. Music for those times.”

Based on the Jamaican proverb ‘Those who can’t hear, must feel’, Kristie explains the inspiration behind her single ‘Feel’, ’I was talking about my previous situation to a friend and he said his grandma used to say it to him growing up. ‘It made a lot of sense. Even when you love someone, sometimes they have to learn the hard way.’

kristie killick

Meet and Get to Know Kristie Killick

Kulture Vulturez: Looking back on your life growing up, what kind of arts, music, or anything creative were you part of or around during your childhood and adolescent years?

Kristie Killick: My whole family was musical and creative. My dad wasn’t in the house very much but when he was he would always play piano; Music Soulchild, Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, so that music was always around me up until I was about 11 and then I wasn’t at home often.

I started going to this youth centre after school that had a music studio. When the studio wasn’t open or there wasn’t enough staff, there was a female rapper who’s house I’d go round and we’d record on her stairs or in her room. We just made do with whatever equipment we could get our hands on.

I was the youngest of the family and as I got older, my sisters were making CD mixes and I’d steal them to listen to them on my sisters CD player. I remember on one CD discovering Jasmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers and Bears and I used to sing it over and over. I’d try and get them to make me CD mixes and eventually, when we were about 15 or so I’d be making the CD mixes for the house parties.

Any way I could be involved, I wanted to be.

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Kristie Killick – Men Need Love Too

Kulture Vulturez: Since becoming an artist, what can you credit the inspiration for your music? 

Kristie Killick: My music is my diary. I document my life and the things I’ve been through so I can move on or even just better understand how I felt about something. Music is beautiful because you’re telling all your secrets but in code. It could mean this, or it could mean something else.  Maybe it’s not even about what you think it is or maybe it’s about 3 things at once – a triple entendre. A beautiful, major key love song that has everyone dancing could be about a facade you put on in an abusive relationship.

Sometimes I’ll tell the story, other times I’ll use a proverb to express the moral of it and keep the story for myself. I’ve experienced certain things in life where I really wished there was a soundtrack to summarize it. So, I write about those situations that didn’t have a soundtrack In hopes that maybe a certain line will register with someone, and they’ll realize that I’m talking about what they’re going through. That could make them feel like they’re not alone in it.

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Kristie Killick – Green Street

Kulture Vulturez: Talk about your EP Green Street, what’s the basis of the project and how did it come about?

Kristie Killick: Green Street is about love and about a place where love blossomed but was also taken away. It was a wild time in both our lives, and I think the hardest part was seeing that he really loved me as much as I loved him but he still had to go. That love brought the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We went through a lot to be together but eventually, life was hard and it was wearing both of us down.

The project is a reflection on Green Street; the feeling, the special moments and all the ways it made me feel things I didn’t know I ever would. ’Sometimes you leave a place, but it never leaves you.’ That was Green Street.

Kulture Vulturez: Can you breakdown your new single “Feel”?

Kristie Killick: Feel is based on the proverb ‘Those who can’t hear, must feel’. It’s me looking at my partner, seeing what they’re heading towards and desperately trying to get through to them. I think a lot of women can relate, it’s like an instinct when something bad is coming.

Whether it’s a brother involved in drugs, a cousin with the wrong woman, a partner who’s losing sight of respect and acting up. It’s all about words falling on deaf ears and although you accept the person has to learn from their own mistakes, from love you still can’t help try to open their eyes before it’s too late.

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Kristie Killick – Feel (Official Video)

Kulture Vulturez: With only a handful songs in your catalog, what are you looking forward to accomplishing within your time as an artist?

Kristie Killick: With Feel being my first, self-produced release, I’m excited to grow not only an artist but as a producer. With that being said, my first self-produced and directed project will be a big milestone for me.

I have big vision, artistically but also logistically. I just hit 1K subscribers on YouTube which I was really proud of but now I’m heading towards 1.5K so I’m excited to accomplish that.

I think some people think the numbers don’t matter but to me, the numbers are a way to see growth, to see how far I have come and to take time to reflect and appreciate all the people who support me. As long as the numbers are legit and they reflect the bodies in a room, there is nothing to be ashamed of by appreciating the numbers. I already feel so grateful where I’m at now.

I’m also looking forward to connecting with some of my favorite musicians, and you know what? I’m excited to discover new musicians on my journey who I see something in, supporting them, growing together and of course, making timeless art with them.

Mostly, I’m excited for music to reach more people and to hear their stories in return. To see how people receive the music and what time in their life they play it. I’m looking forward to a lot and I’m thankful for every step I get to take.

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