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Fran Roz is a Los Angeles-based artist whose music blends elements of hip-hop, pop punk, and emo into a unique and captivating sound. With eight successful singles under his belt, he has collaborated with well-known artists in the scene such as Ryan Oakes, Point North, 7ru7h, and JordyPurp.

Fran Roz is an independent artist with breakthrough singles “BODY BAG (ft. Point North)” and “DOUBTS (feat. Ryan Oakes)”, having solidified his place as an emerging artist to watch in the alternative music scene. With proven success in the alternative-rock community, Fran Roz is always looking to evolve and explore new creative sounds. Inspired by artists like Post Malone and Kid Laroi, Fran Roz strives to push the boundaries of traditional music genres with a fresh, innovative sound.

Summer Shine

Bringing the heat to a soon-to-be scorching Summer, emerging alt-pop/melodic-rap artist Fran Roz reveals his smashing single “Summer Sunshine,” a nostalgic feel-good offering inspired by the way a confident woman radiates like the beams of the Summer sun. The innovative production (co-produced by Nick Cozine and Jayden Seeley) feels familiar yet fresh, borrowing staple elements from hip-hop, alternative-punk and pop to lay the foundation for Fran Roz’s lyrical versatility to take center stage. Combine addictive pop melodies, an undeniable hook and a juicy chorus and you have a sure-fire smash for this Summer season.

“California in her eyes / Body crazy by designs / Swear I’ll never tell a lie / got that summer sunshine” – lyrics from Fran Roz’s “Summer Sunshine”

Fran Roz’s upbringing is a testament to his artistry. He was born in the Figaró-Monmany region of Spain to an Algerian father and a Basque mother, relocating to LA when he was a young child. A core memory of his youth includes his frequent trips back to the Basque country, which is where his grandmother introduced him to his first love, the piano.

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In high school, Fran Roz picked up both guitar and drums, simultaneously discovering his passion for both grunge music and the skater scene. He channeled the rockstar vision early on; Fran Roz was a part of numerous alt-rock bands across the LA music scene while he was in high school (usually on bass, guitar, or vocals), and before he knew it, he was touring across America. He began penning his own songs at age 17, quickly realizing that he had his own artistic vision that he was itching to see through, leading to the launch of his solo career.

“Summer Sunshine” follows Fran Roz’s breakthrough singles “BODY BAG (ft. Point North)” and “DOUBTS (feat. Ryan Oakes)”, both of which solidified the rising act’s place as an artist to watch. Fran Roz is known for his captivating live shows, with fans from near and far pouring into iconic LA venues to witness the eccentric performer in his element. He has sold out the House Of Blues in Anaheim with Point North, Jeris Johnson & JordyPurp, and headlined a nearly sold out show at The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood. Fran Roz also has a show coming up this summer with Ryan Oakes, Layto & True North in Los Angeles (tickets for purchase here, media passes available upon request).

Fran Roz has honed in on a sound uniquely his own, unafraid to defy genre-confining boxes while positioning himself for his big break in 2023. Keep an eye out for the rising act as he continues to release anthemic singles all Summer long.