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Los Angeles R&B Singer Trusts Her Intuition on Latest Single, “Daisies”

Following up on the international success of her latest EP, international R&B sensation, Tiana Kocher, kicks off the new year with an emotional new song, “Daisies”. The new track delves into the complexities of a faltering relationship and listening to your intuition.

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Listen to “Daisies” now on your preferred service: https://sndo.ffm.to/eayyvvd

“One of my goals for 2024 was to bring my listeners on a journey and create music that is authentic to myself,” adds Tiana.”Coming off an EP that was more on the upbeat side I wanted to show versatility by releasing a record that is more raw and vulnerable. To me, “Daisies” is a prime example of growth within myself and my artistry. I hope you enjoy!”

Born in Manila, Philippines, Tiana has always had a passion for the performing arts. After graduating high school, she refined her talents at the prestigious Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts in the UK. From there, Tiana decided to head to the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, to focus on her music and collaborate with the industry’s top talent.

Tiana’s contemporary sound, influenced by her love of 90s era R&B, have produced a top 40 indie hit, multiple film and TV licensing deals, and a collection of impressive collaborations with Grammy winning artists.

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