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LunchMoney Lewis Introduces South Florida’s Next Rap Star Lil $o$o

Entering his next chapter of his career, successful industry veteran LunchMoney Lewis, known for the 2015 classic “Bills” and working with numerous of talent, is set to use his knowledge of the industry to introduce and inspire new artists through his Lunchbox Records and Big Chune publishing companies. The first artist on his list is South Florida’s own, Lil $o$o.

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LunchMoney Lewis – Bills (Official Video)

Lunch Money Lewis

Miami-bred rapper, songwriter, and producer LunchMoney Lewis catapulted into superstardom during the 2010s, landing a feature on Nicki Minaj’s song, “Trini Dem Girls” and scoring his own breakthrough hit with the single “Bills.” With his upbeat energy and fun style, he kept spirits lifted with additional hits like 2015’s “Whip It!”. Behind the scenes, his prolific songwriting resulted in tracks penned for the likes of Fifth Harmony, Jessie J, Icona Pop, One Direction, Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo, Maroon 5, Backstreet Boys, and many more.

For the remainder of the decade to the present moment, he has collaborated with and written songs for a who’s-who of pop, rap, and R&B artists, from the likes of Nicki Minaj on her Billboard Hot 100 no. 1 hit, “Super Freaky Girl” (2022), Saweetie on her hit song “Tap In” (2020), Doja Cat (2019’s “Make That Cake”), fellow Miami act City Girls (2019’s “Pony”), Ty Dolla $ign (2016’s “H.O.E.”), and Pitbull (2016’s “Greenlight”). In 2022, he earned a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year and Best R&B Album for his songwriting work on the H.E.R. album, Back of My Mind (“Process”).

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LunchMoney Lewis – Make That Cake ft. Doja Cat (Official Video)

Lil $o$o

Hailing from humble beginnings, Lil $o$o remains authentic to her South Florida roots, which she depicts through her lyrics, sound and vibe. Lil $o$o has started to make her mark on the music industry. The up-and-coming artist has released four singles accompanied by music videos – “Better Life”, “Go Ooh” featuring Bobby Fishscale, “Bad Attitude”, and “Woo Tang” – off of her debut mixtape $o$o World. Since then, the 14-song compilation has been growing organically. Fan-favorites include rap songs “Flori-da Girl”, “4 for 4”, featuring Florida-based rapper C Glizzy, and the R&B-leaning “Gangsta Love”, featuring singer-songwriter Savannah Cristina.

Fans are catching “Florida Girl” on the small screen, as Issa Rae personally chose the song for her new eight-episode comedy show, Rap Sh!t, which premiered on HBO Max. Brands and artists have taken a liking to Lil $o$o, as she has also gained recognition from other popular artists, including Kodak Black, and earned sponsorships with notable brands such as Puma Women and Luc Belaire Rosé. With a great sum of accomplishments established in a short amount of time, the future looks bright for the Florida Girl.

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Meet LunchMoney Lewis and Lil $o$o

Kulture Vulturez: For LunchMoney, what was your first true introduction into music?

LunchMoney Lewis: I was around music really young. My father was in a band, a reggae band in a circle with him and my uncle. My dad was a bass player and my uncle was a guitar player. I’ve been around music since I was young, since just a child. That was kind of my first initial peek into music creation and wanting to play instruments and make music.

Kulture Vulturez: When did you begin to become involved on a more professional level?

LunchMoney Lewis: Well, on a professional level, I usually count the first time I ever got paid for music or I made actual check. I was signed in this group that was signed to Universal when I was 18 years old. That was my first introduction to the music business. Getting signed and dealing with the music industry and stuff like that. So probably around 18 years old, I would say.

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Lil $o$o – Florida Girl

Kulture Vulturez: For $o$o, growing up did you have any ambitions to become an artist or can you  look back see when you decided to start rapping?

Lil $o$o: When I was younger I used to write little raps and stuff in my notes. I never would have thought that I would be doing it as a career or anything like that, or taking it serious. I kind of started taking it serious like two years ago when I got in the studio for the first time. That’s when I really started enjoying making music.

Kulture Vulturez: Alright back to Lunch. Where do you believe the origins for your musical creativity come from?

LunchMoney Lewis: I have to credit it to my my family. My upbringing and just hearing reggae music for the first time. Hearing music, that was my first initial origin. Then my dad played a lot of soul music around the house. Just all music, live music, instrumentation, and things like that. Stevie Wonder, Prince, all Motown, and a lot of reggae. That was kind of where my origin starts. Hearing good music in my house is kind of like the first time. Then watching my dad play it, that kind of was I guess the spark.

Kulture Vulturez: With all of your accomplishments, do you have any standout moments for all your achievements?

LunchMoney Lewis: Signing Lil $o$o. That’s the big one for me because I believe in her as an artist and she’s a great person. Having number one records in other countries and working with great artists. Being a part of great art, not even the chart achievement, but just working with great talent. I’ve been blessed to always work with great talent. Me being successful as an artist, a producer, a writer, and now a label owner. Just the whole ride and the whole journey has been an experience. I’m blessed. It’s hard to pinpoint like one specific moment, but, you know, I’m grateful.

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Lil $o$o – Woo Tang

Kulture Vulturez: Back to $o$o, even though you just started rapping, how can you explain your journey to getting to this point?

Lil $o$o: My journey been has been pretty good. I’m not gonna lie. Since I started really taking your music serious I’ve been around the right people. I have good management, I have LunchMoney, I have a pretty good and solid team. Everything has been pretty smooth. We just working and just hustling right now.

Kulture Vulturez: With so many female artists who are entering hip hop, how do you feel like you differ from others?

Lil $o$o: I feel like I’m different because I’m just me and I feel like I don’t always have to be super hard all the time. I just like to make music. Doesn’t matter what kind of music it is. I’m down for whatever.

Kulture Vulturez: Can you breakdown your latest project, $o$o World? Is this the perfect introduction to you and what’s more to come for you in the future?

Lil $o$o: I really like that project because I was just starting. You can kind of see and hear the raw version of my songs and just me getting started. But I feel like the project that I have coming out next is definitely going to be on a whole another level.

Kulture Vulturez: Having your song “Florida Girl” placed on HBO, along with other sponsorships and getting recognition from other artists. How does that feel, from now to when you started?

Lil $o$o: It feels good. I’m not going to lie. I’m still new in the game and everything, but it feels good to get recognized by people who’ve been doing this for a long time. It makes me feel confident in my work.

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Lil $o$o – Bad Attitude

Kulture Vulturez: For LunchMoney, how can you use your knowledge of the industry as your advantage and help other artists that you work with?

LunchMoney Lewis: That’s kind of my goal now is just to give back. I have a lot of industry experience in different facets of the music business. Even working with $o$o, helping guide her and other artists and songwriters as I have on my publishing company, Big Chune. I have a lot of talented writers and producers that I work with.

With $o$o on Lunchbox Records, that’s my main thing now is just kind of giving back and bringing other people up and guiding them in the business and making good business decisions for themselves. Doing good business with the people that I work with, which is very serious to me. Lil $o$o, she is a boss, and we are partners. Our whole company is very team based. That’s my main thing now is just giving back 100%.

Kulture Vulturez: Breakdown the next chapter of your career, starting your own record label and other endeavors you have in music.

LunchMoney Lewis: I think that’s my next thing is just helping to groom other talent, other artists, other producers, and songwriters. I still make music and do certain things with LunchMoney Lewis, the brand and my name. Just continue to do dope shit with really dope artists. Really help guide, I think that’s kind of one of my callings. Being there for people who need information and help them build their their brands. Give them information that they probably don’t know that they can go on and do great things. I’m just in a full giving back mode, helping to nurture other people’s kind of energy.

Kulture Vulturez: Alright. What is coming up next from the both of you?

Lil $o$o: Just projects, music, videos, content, you know, all that good stuff.

LunchMoney Lewis: $o$o new project, we’re not going to say the name of the new project, but we have a title that we are moving with. She has some crazy records coming. Just keeping the the songs floating around on other big artists. Keep doing what we’re doing now. Every moment making it bigger than it was before. Just keep going up from where we are.

We also have a new $o$o single on November 10th coming out. That’s crazy. “Catch a Trick,” y’all got it first. You are going to see just her growth. Every time you hear her, she gets better, her pen gets better. Like her delivery, style, her videos. Just want people to take the journey with her and knowing she’s not some overnight. She’s just get better as she grows.

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