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LVRD Daphne

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LVRD Daphne

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Genre: Hip Hop / Rap

“This San Diego, CA native just released a beautiful body of work that takes us into the world of her shameless uniqueness…The album that was released at the top of August shows off Lvrd Daphne’s versatility when it comes to music as well. At times she is gritty and on the other hand, she can get poetic. We agree with how Daphne describes it! It is a masterpiece and exceeds any prior expectations.”  – Source Magazine

“Lvrd Daphne feels “A strong Female sound is so imperative for the future of music..” Her new album is set to take listeners to another dimension, literally.”Sway’s Universe

LVRD Daphne, a self-aware femcee built from moxie and affirming energy — who says of her style, “If I did have to throw it in a genre pool, I would be super content with the label of ‘psychedelic trap.‘” – NBC 7 San Diego

“‘I think I specialize in good nature aha. Just bringing people closer together through influence and art. I’m also super into structure and I think that plays a lot into my creativity because it brings a necessary balance to my chaos.'”SDVoyager.com

Follow Lvrd Daphne on Instagram: @LVRDDaphne and listen to her new project, ROGUE, on Spotify: Lvrd Daphne