Map of Hawaii ‘Hoods
hawaii hood hawaii gangs honolulu gangs

Map of Hawaii ‘Hoods

Map of Hawaii Gangs and Hawaii Hood

From Hawaii gangs to the Hawaii hood, a never before seen break down of the true streets of the Hawaii hood with the Honolulu gangs and other street affiliations in the many neighborhoods of the island of O’ahu.

While most of Hawaii’s many islands do not have affiliations, the island of O’ahu has few Hawaii hood and street areas in places like Waipahu, Aliamanu, Halawa, Waianae and Kalihi.

The main hoods are the Halawa Housing projects, aka 99 Street Halawa Mob Crips, Kuhio Park Terrace, aka KPT or Parccyde Sons of Samoa Crips, Kam4 projects, Mayor Wright projects, aka MDubbz, Palolo projects and few hoods in Waipahu like AniAni (Awoodz), Pupuole (PuTown), and Awanei (AWZ).

It is to be noted that Hawaii is not as dangerous but these hoods should be respected as society will try to hide these areas from the population since Hawaii is a tourist attraction.

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