Tomi Tribe

Afrobeats Producer & DJ

In the ever-evolving world of music, a new talent has emerged in the Afrobeats scene by the name of Tomi Tribe. The up and coming producer and DJ is quickly gaining recognition for his unique sound that fuses traditional rhythms, but with his own flavor. His innovative approach to music production has recently captured the attention of music lovers with the release of hit song “Ni Nigeria,” featuring Atlanta based artist Toyé, showcasing the limitless potential.

As a skilled DJ and producer, he has already showcased the ability to keep audiences engaged, seamlessly blending tracks and creating electrifying vibes. Tomi Tribe is undoubtedly on the path to becoming a prominent figure in the international music scene.

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Tomi Tribe & Toyé – NI NIGERIA (Official Video)

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Meet and Get To Know Tomi Tribe

Kulture Vulturez: Coming from a Nigerian background did that impact on you on your creative and artistic side?

Tomi Tribe: Yeah, definitely. I always tell people, Nigerians are very particular set of people, especially growing up in a Nigerian household. The type of music I listen to in the house compared to maybe growing up in junior high and high school was completely different and opposite. I think it gave me a well versed and a well rounded palate of music for me to be able to draw from.

Kulture Vulturez: Overall, what do you think was your greatest influence and inspiration that would lead you to get started in music?

Tomi Tribe: Man, I won’t even front, I can’t say there was anything because ever since I can remember I haven’t ever not liked music. I’m five, six, or seven years old, I’ve always just loved music or the idea of music. It just it does something to you.

I remember growing up, just watching my older brother and sister watch television, whether it was MTV or just watching music videos. That’s what really just kind of inspired me like, Oh man, I love this. I just love the way it feels, it’s something fresh. There was not one particular person, but just I’ll just say being around it inspired me.

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Kulture Vulturez: Getting started, what gave you the idea of let me start making music?

Tomi Tribe: My older brother, he brought me an audio software called FL Studio. At that time it was called Fruity Loops. I just used to mess around on it all day.

Kulture Vulturez: Being Nigerian and American, do those two cultures ever clash with your creative process?

Tomi Tribe: I will say the only way it will clash is making sure you’re always being respectful to your culture, your family, and anything that you do musically. There’s obviously certain things I wouldn’t do musically or even visually for any kind of music, just because I know the culture that has raised me and the family that raised me. But besides stuff like that, I feel the two merging quite well.

Kulture Vulturez: Do you feel Afrobeats is popular in America or is it popular enough and growing in your opinion?

Tomi Tribe: I mean, we just saw the NBA All-Star game. We saw the halftime show that was curated solely by Burna Boy. He brought out Tems and Rema. So Afrobeats is here. It’s exploded. It’s here to stay. If you go out to the clubs, right now, that’s what the girls want to hear. Afrobeats is sexy, so it’s a win.

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Kulture Vulturez: What impact have you seen and witness on Nigeria being at the lead of global music?

Tomi Tribe: I wouldn’t even just say music, but everything. Nigeria is very progressive and I think the world is really looking at Nigeria right now. I mean, as you saw, Drake just shot his Nike campaign, he shot it in Lagos, Nigeria. So that just kind of shows where people’s mindsets, eyes, and ideas are at when it comes to doing anything right now.

Nigeria is definitely the capital of Afrobeats right now. That’s where the buzz, that’s where the most music, the biggest songs, and biggest artists are coming out of. But don’t forget, Ghana has beautiful artists and talent. South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, you know, all through Africa in general. Then the diaspora, we forget that there’s a lot of Africans in the UK and in the US who are just as much African as anybody else. They’re making dope music as well, too.

Kulture Vulturez: You just released your latest song, “Ni Nigeria.” Can you break down that track?

Tomi Tribe: “Ni Nigeria” was a record we had made in Nigeria over December during the holiday months, um, me and the homie Toye. “Ni Nigeria” is one of those songs, like this is what’s going on in Nigeria. Don’t stress me, don’t bother me, in this Nigerian life. At the same time, it’s bittersweet because we love Nigeria, you enjoy it for what it is, and it’s one of those things you have to take the good with the bad.

He was just having a bad day. He had just got rear ended driving to to the crib. We went to lunch, came back to the crib, threw up some beats, and he went crazy on that. Just the outcome of it. We just came back from Nigeria actually a few weeks back. We shot the video. We had just put the full promotional force behind us. So, we’re happy to say the record is moving and we love the sound.

Kulture Vulturez: As your career moves on, what vision do you have or where do you want to see yourself as you progress?

Tomi Tribe: I just want to put out dope music and for the people to love it. Let’s dance. Let’s enjoy. You know, that’s really it. Obviously you want to make a career of it. You want to be able to take your family. I feel like that’s just a byproduct of it that usually comes.

Kulture Vulturez: What’s next for you after this?

Tomi Tribe: Man dropping more records, got more records dropping in the summer. Just be on the lookout for more records like this. Also more records that are catering to a little bit of other genres, so it’s not fully all Afro. Everything I do is Afro based in the sense. You’re going to hear some Afro R&B and some Afro Pop with some dope female American artists that are out here killing it. So it’s going to it’s going to be a nice summer.

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