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The unique smooth sounding reggae artist Ammoye has arrived with her brand new album Water.  A Jamaican born artist that has made her way around, from performing at Grammy showcases in Los Angeles, to the New Skool Rules Music Festival in the Netherlands, to performing and being nominated 5 times at Canada’s JUNO awards. Ammoye is a true treasure with natural talents and a beautiful soul that offers something special to the world of music.

“Ammoye delivers a wholly unique future-forward reggae sound that incorporates old-school rocksteady, dancehall and dubstep with gospel, soul and R&B. With her infectious voice and messages of empowerment, Jamaican-born Ammoye is a lightworker and self-declared soul rebel.”

Blessed with the opportunity to interview Ammoye, she breaks down her new album Water, why she decided to chose a path in music, how life for her growing up in Jamaica led her into becoming the artist she is today, what inspires her, empowering and motivating fans, and much more.


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Reggae-fusion artist Ammoye shares powerful new album Water

Today, Canada by way of Jamaica reggae-fusion artist Ammoye shared her dynamic new album Water. This album is her first release with Toronto label Lulaworld Records and serves as a display of her powerful command of multiple genres.

Recorded with prolific engineer and producer Danny Maestro and mastered by the legendary Tandra “Lytes” Jhagro throughout 2020, the album is composed of 14 tracks that beautifully convey a message of inspiration, self-realization and strength.

Lead single “Journey Home” evokes a smooth island vibe, complemented by electronic effects and guest vocals from Lord Sassafrass (Black Scorpio Sound System). “On The Dock” amplifies the importance of self-care and mediation accompanied by a rocksteady beat, while tracks like “Give It All” and “Bad Behaviour” both explore themes of personal empowerment and freeing oneself from dark energy while highlighting the emotional range of her buttery vocals.

Every song on the album is a melting pot of lush instrumentation and clever songwriting bolstered by an original vocal sensibility that stands alongside the greats of the genre. Water shines as a testament to Ammoye’s unique ability to craft compelling reggae music while incorporating a huge range of sonic inspirations – from Jazz to Dubstep to R&B.


Ammoye Interview

Kulture Vulturez: How did your path and your journey into music develop?

Ammoye: What led me to becoming professionally involved in music was the decision on a soul level to answer the inner call to feed my soul and do what makes my heart sing.  Instead of playing it safe in life and follow a path that would only feed my pocket but starve my soul.

Music is my life.  Music is my vocation. Music is what I am most passionate about because it gives me the opportunity to heal, to clear, cleanse, share, to empower, to inspire, uplift, motivate others & myself. It allows me to expand in ways unexplainable through words that only music can create in its unique way. All of these gifts and attributes and more are what led me to get involved in music and to stay involved in music.

Kulture Vulturez: Being originally from Jamaica, how could you breakdown what was life like for you growing up there?

Ammoye: What life was like for me growing up in Jamaica was one of adventure, exploration, spirituality and humility. I grew up in the church singing in the church choir. Raised by my grandparents. My grandmother was my biggest influence.  She inspired me the most and gave me the teachings, the values that made me the woman I am today. She had me and all my siblings singing in church from the tender age of 6 years or so.

That introduction to music and harmonies planted a seed that would blossom and lead me on a path in music to where I am today. So yes, the opportunity to sing and learn from the foundation of the church along with the reggae scene and reggae artists I heard and fell in love with singing on the radio in Jamaica influenced me greatly and indicated that becoming an artist would be a part of my life undoubtedly in my heart.

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Ammoye – Journey Home ft. Lord Sassafrass

Kulture Vulturez: Can you explain Reggae-Fusion, in your opinion, for those who are unfamiliar?

Ammoye: Reggae – Fusion to me is the blending of different styles and genres of music with reggae making it my own. It’s like a melting pot of various styles of music with reggae, resulting in a multidimensional unique sound.

Kulture Vulturez: Being so soulfully and spiritually connected to your music, where does the inspiration in your music come from?  

Ammoye: The inspiration in my music comes from life. My ever-expanding perceptions and interpretations of life. How I see life and the experiences I am having, have had and also the experiences of others I have witnessed or have learned about. Spirituality plays a huge part in my inspiration as well. I allow for my intuition, my inner voice, my Higher Self to co-create in the writing, singing, performing, and all of the creativity of the music with me.

Kulture Vulturez:  What can one expect to get from the experience of listening to Ammoye?

Ammoye: Some of the things I like to sing about are love and the different emotions love evokes. I love to sing about consciousness and how that relates to life and my/our experiences. I love to sing about the connections that I am having and experiencing as I’m growing, changing, evolving and transforming while moving through the different stages of my life and what each stage presents to me, the new awareness that each stage and experience brings to me.

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Ammoye – On The Dock

Kulture Vulturez: Looking back at your time as an artist, what have been some of your most proudest moments?

Ammoye: Some of the most proud moments for me as an artist is the feedback I have gotten from my audience.  The ones who resonate with my music who I call my “SoulRebelz/LightFamily”. More than just an artist I call myself a “Lightworker”. My intent is to create music that not only inspires, empowers, motivates and uplifts the listener, but also important to me is raising the vibration and frequencies of my audience.

So, when they tell me after a show or they leave comments about how good and great they felt after watching my shows and hearing me sing my songs and how a certain song helped them see a certain situation differently  that they were experiencing, that it helped them feel better in some way.

That makes me feel satisfied because then I know on an energetic level they’ve received the healing the insight appropriate for them to receive from the music. I’m also proud of the travels, the people and different cultures I got to experience that music as afforded me.  Also of course my 5-time Juno nominations.  As an artist that’s a huge accomplishment as well to get that recognition.

Kulture Vulturez:  Your latest song “Journey Home,” what is the concept behind it?

Ammoye: Journey Home my latest single the concept behind it is the journey back to the heart which metaphorically speaking is the ultimate true home. Journey Home is the reminder to take quality time to be still and allow the heart, the soul, the Spirit to guide you in life.

This is where you will find truths, this is where you’ll discover the awareness that will give you clarity and the answers you seek in life. When you take care to pay attention to the nudgings of the heart, that inner voice within the heart that is what will lead you on the path to heaven on earth. Your bliss your safe space and place, your home and that’s when a life of serenity begins, that’s when the real and true adventures start.

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Ammoye – Give It All

Kulture Vulturez:  What are some previous songs or albums of yours that mean the most to you?

 Ammoye: Some of my previous body of works that mean the most to me are my albums HaffiWin and even more so my last album The Light, released in 2017. The Light was written during one of my most profound and catalytic spiritual awakenings. It was when I, on a personal level, came “online” if you will.

When I discovered, or “woke up”, to more of who I am and why I am here on the planet. I was introduced on a more intimate level to the “Light” within me, My HigherSelf, the divine within me. This “remembering”  transformed me and changed me forever and my intent from them on was and is to share this “Light” with the world.

Kulture Vulturez:  Anything else you would like to share with the readers? 

Ammoye: Thank you for this opportunity to share with you and your audience! I’m excited to share the rest of the tracks on my upcoming new album that “Journey Home” is a part of. Since discovering the Light within myself, this album is my rebirth since that awakening. It shows you the new awareness, the new outlooks I have on life now, the introduction to the new me.

No longer a victim, but a victor. No longer a worrier, but a warrior of love and light. The songs are relatable and filled with food for thought. Inspiring, uplifting, motivating, empowering and contains higher frequencies and vibrations to help heal and raise your energies up and keep you on a natural high.

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