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Debuting his newest project, We Survived the Storm, vol. 1, Moise is continuing his rise in music following a slew of hits like “Wildflower,” “Tennessee,” and “Try Try”. Of late, the Minneapolis native has been exceeding talent levels of some of music’s biggest names and greatly surpassing the standards of many of today’s mainstream artists, all while consistently constructing a promising career in music. In what is a smooth blending sound of rock, pop, and rhythm and blues, the striking talent of Moise offers listeners something unmatched and distinctive from the usual repetitive sounds that music fans often grow tired of, all proved by Moise’s latest project We Survived the Storm vol. 1.


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We Survived the Storm vol. 1

A soulful, future-facing Rock and R&B infused EP We Survived the Storm, Vol. 1, an emotive seven-track offering transcending genre while giving listener’s episodic insights into his life through his powerful storytelling abilities. A refreshing blend of emotion and hope, We Survived the Storm, Vol. 1 delivers music that draws in all types of listeners, connecting lovers of any and all genres.

We Survived the Storm, Vol. 1 is a testament to Moise’s talent in channeling human emotions across a vast and varied range of heart-wrenching experiences, touching on relationship breakdowns, pity invites, substance addiction and the intimacy in sharing compliments.

The full-length effort includes well-loved singles such as “CELLPHONE RECEIVER,” which was praised by CLASH, and “BURN YOU OUT,” which landed him an interview on BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders. The project is made complete with an impressive collection of brand new tracks including focus track “BACKYARD PARTY,” “SONIC BOOM,” “U SHOULD KNOW,” “GREEN LEAF,” and “1st.”


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Meet and Get To Know Moise

Kulture Vulturez: Growing up, from being born to Rwandan parents to living in Minneapolis, what do you think were the greatest influences for you to eventually become an artist and a musician?

Moise: Our Rwandan culture is fueled by rhythm. Growing up all the family gatherings would end up becoming dance parties. Watching my aunts and uncles laugh and dance together definitely had a formative effect on me. Now that I’m in my twenties I find myself enjoying making the sounds that fuel these moments with my friends and family where we are laughing, having great conversations while having some music in the backdrop.

I even remember my uncle in Iowa having boxes filled with VHS tape recordings of music videos that would play on MTV and BET. My cousins and I would spend endless hours in front of the TV flipping through these music videos. That consumption and exposure to music at an early age had a lasting impact on my love for music.

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Kulture Vulturez: When can you pinpoint your actual love for music? A moment in time where you could picture yourself eventually wanting to perform music professionally.

Moise: It would have to be my very first performance with a band. We played at a club in downtown Saint Paul on a rainy April day. I had some nerves going into the night but the warm reception from the audience and family members that came to the show inspired me. That was the moment I first got the confidence boost to really treat this like a craft, put the work in and make incredible rhythms that paint a vibe.

Kulture Vulturez:  How can you describe your development as an artist? From creating your sound to building your identity.

Moise: A lot of experiment has been the one-word way to describe my development thus far. I’ve tried my hand at all the different roles that go into making a record, writer, vocalist, producer, I embraced having to pick up a new skill so that I wouldn’t have any limitations when it came to making music.

Learning how to play the guitar and bass helped me really understand the intricacies to melodies. Playing tons of live shows has helped give me confidence to stand in front of a crowd and really put on a show! Of course, I’ve received a lot of help along the way from so many talented artists and producers.

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MOISE – BURN YOU OUT (Official Music Video)

Kulture Vulturez:  When it comes to songwriting, where does the majority of your inspiration come from?

Moise: Honestly most of the inspiration comes from weird dreams I have. I usually will wake up in the middle of the night and take a voice memo, or fire up Ableton to start recording some vocals. My dreams all play in my head like a movie. Very vivid and detailed.

Kulture Vulturez:  With building a catalog over the years, what have been your most meaningful songs to you?

Moise: Wildflower and Try Try. You said songs so I couldn’t pick just one. I decided to pick one from each of my projects that have been released thus far. Wildflower, since it was the first song I ever put on streaming services and really caught the ears of so many supporters. That song landed me in Berlin, Germany within a month. I never would have expected such a thing to happen so quick.

Try Try is also one of them because I had the chance to work with one of my idols, Psymun. I remember being in high school and playing all of the tracks he produced on loop on soundcloud. It also served as my anthem track for the city I currently call home, Minneapolis, we brought out all the homies for the music video.

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Moise – Try Try (Official Video)

Kulture Vulturez:  Since your debut with the song “Wildflower”, how has your journey been getting to this stage of your career?

Moise: No steps have been skipped. It has been nice to expand the team a bit, I feel like we are all hitting our stride together. Not rushing through the process. This has allowed me to really build something that is bigger than myself yet I have ownership over it and feel empowered. The stages are only going to get bigger so trying to enjoy every moment.

Kulture Vulturez:  Breakdown your upcoming project We Survived The Storm Vol 1? The concept and what listeners can expect.

Moise: Okay we have all been cooped up, gone through unrest, even lost people that we loved. This is all stressful and traumatic, yet the goal of this record is to celebrate and give ourselves a pat on the back for once. In order for us as a society to take positive steps forward we have to also decompress and just acknowledge our current state and the blessings we have.

Life isn’t perfect and will never be. I hope that for at least thirty minutes each track gives you something to live for and want to stick around. We truly have survived a storm, one that hasn’t really even gone away. Just enjoy the moment as much as you can even when it gets rough.

Kulture Vulturez:  Following this release, what is next for you?

Moise: Hmmm… volume 2?

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