Camilla K

Swedish Native and London Based Versatile Pop, Rap, and Reggaeton Artist

Mixing pop and melodic rap over a reggaeton beat, emerging artist and one-to-watch Camilla K has already commanded the full attention of industry insiders with her unique and flawless mastering of multi-genre pop. Now living in London by way of Stockholm and Los Angeles, she is set to make a splash in the UK’s talent-rich city as she releases her new music, laden with catchy hooks and melodies, high-caliber production and strong lyrics. Camilla’s latest single is the sassy and uncompromising “Pretty Bitch Gang” – available across all download and streaming platforms from 2nd February 2024.

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Born and raised in Sweden, Camilla K can proudly boast a rich heritage: Finnish heritage (her mother) and Iranian (her father.) She was raised in a multilingual, culturally rich environment in what is a hugely diverse area of Stockholm. She speaks four languages: Swedish, Finnish, Persian and English fluently and has a real understanding of what rewards diversity can bring.

She says, “… this made me the open-minded person I am today. I understand different cultures more and respect people’s differences. Not only that, she can boast some royal DNA: “One of the old Swedish Kings, Gustav Vasa had a mistress, with whom he had two sons, and the mistress is related to us!”. Ironically, her own upbringing was anything but privileged, but Camilla K has fought hard to forge her own success story.

Meet and Get To Know Camilla K

Kulture Vulturez: Growing up, when did you first discover music and begin to have a likening towards it?

Camilla K: I was probably around 3 or 4 years old, and I’d start by imitating songs I heard on the radio that my parents were playing. Before I spoke English, I had picked up enough words from TV and movies to be able to put together my first song ever when I was 9 years old. It was called “It Is Raining”.

I was later inspired by my older sister, fashion designer Chabi K, to listen to my favorite songs and write down the lyrics to what I thought they were singing in English and that helped me learn singing/songwriting faster and also English and different phrases and rhymes.

Kulture Vulturez: With a diverse background, what do you feel are your greatest influences when it comes to you as an artist?

Camilla K: I grew up with parents who loved music even though they were not musical at all. My mom had a huge CD collection of different genres, from Whitney Houston to Abba, to Dolly Parton, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, and more. I’d skip school to listen to these albums back to back.

With my Finnish and Persian background, I was definitely exposed to different sounds and rhythms through my parents, which I think is the reason I’m so open-minded in music and why I love to mix unlikely genres. If you listen closely to the pre-chorus in “Pretty Bitch Gang,” you can hear a Persian influence in the vocal style.

Kulture Vulturez: What do you feel are the benefits for you to have multiple backgrounds and live in multiple places when it comes to being an artist?

Camilla K: By far it’d be the way I can connect to people. I understand different people from different backgrounds better than I would if I’d grown up in another way. And if I don’t understand them, I’ve learned always to keep my mind and heart open to these people as well because EVERYONE has a unique story, and that’s what I love about meeting new people.

There’s a level of respect that I have that comes with a non-judgmental foundation when I meet people of different backgrounds. As a child, in a diverse school, we were constantly reminded by our teachers that we are “all the same” even though we don’t look alike. We’d wear t-shirts that said “Alla lika, alla olika,”which translated from Swedish to “all alike, all different.” Basically meaning that whatever we look like or where we’re from, we’re all equal humans. The area I come from had this philosophy and it definitely influenced me throughout my life.

Kulture Vulturez: What is the meaning behind your new song, “Pretty Bitch Gang”?

Camilla K: It’s for all the “pretty” girls to feel united. A lot of times girls are pinned against each other but not with this gang. In my mind we’re all inclusive so whoever you are and wherever you’re from, you’re part of the gang! You’re a 10! You see how guys always have these gangs where they stick together? We needed that for us girls!

Kulture Vulturez: Just getting your career started, what do you look forward the most in accomplishing?

Camilla K: I would love to show that diversity in music and mixing unlikely genres is possible. Someone called me a musical alchemist in another article and I thought wow, that’s an honor to be called, but it also clicked something within me. It’s so easy to be boxed in as an artist and for labels to want you to have a clear direction.

I believe that creativity can’t be incarcerated in that way. Creating should feel free and I would love to pave the way for other artists to feel that freedom to experiment without being told that they are wrong. My record label, Empire, has been incredibly great in that sense. I’ve brought them music with these genre mixes, and they’ve been so accepting of that creative risk, and I’m so grateful that a label like that exists.

I have also designed clothing for other brands with sustainable cactus leather in the past, and I’d love to continue on that path, but this time with my own brand!

Lastly (but not least) I definitely look forward to doing more shows and meeting and interacting with fans. That’s probably my favorite part!

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