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Meet the Filipina & Sri Lankan Artist and UK’s Future R&B Star

Originally hailing from London’s Camden section, Vicky Pasion began her career performing on the stages of London theaters with performances in musicals like Disney’s The Lion King and Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller Live. Following her time on stage, Vicky Pasion would enter the U.K.’s music scene in 2020 with the release of EP Valley of the Ashes. Set to leave a mark in music and to present her artistry to the world, Vicky Pasion brings a blend of R&B, soul, and pop music into the everchanging landscape of London music.

While in the early stages of her career, Vicky Pasion is ready for a future takeover with a host of upcoming releases, partnerships with top brands like AWAL and Estée Lauder, and much more is in store for the bright young talent that is currently blazing a trail. A rising star in music, Vicky Pasion breaks down her heritage and cultural backgrounds, her path and journey into music, her transitioning from a performer on stage to becoming an artist in music, her top influences, and much more.

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Meet and Get To Know Vicky Pasion:

Kulture Vulturez: Looking back, what do you think led you into the arts, the creative world, and into a life of performing?

Vicky Pasion: Music has always been a way for me to connect – growing up, I never really felt like I fit in or like I belonged anywhere. I spent some time in foster care, I’m from a mixed background, part Filipina, part Sri Lankan, born in London, so I feel like my journey in music has been about finding home and space within myself, so that I can connect with others.

I’m introspective, and the art world gave me permission to transport myself to a different world, to play interesting characters and channel different emotions. I could collaborate and play and have fun; I could face my fears of being in the spotlight, and I could leave that whole experience on the stage. I love performing – I feel like I channel more of myself in the art world and it’s a gift to be able to turn it into a way of living.

Kulture Vulturez: Coming from a Filipino and Sri Lankan background, how have those two cultures influenced your artistic abilities?

Vicky Pasion: Well, being part Filipino – I’m obviously down for karaoke! It’s a stereotype but I feel like every Filipino household has a karaoke machine. We love coming together, eating great food, and belting out a tune. I feel like Filipinos are typically very humble – we love to be of service to others – yet, we also love to express ourselves and most likely someone in our family has a killer voice. We’re suckers for a great love story and love song.

As for my Sri Lankan side, I didn’t grow up with my dad, so most of my upbringing was around me neglecting that part of my cultural identity. In 2018, I travelled on my own around Sri Lanka – and got to experience its nature, spiritual energy, music, and food. It was a special, meditative time, and I feel like it influenced similar cultural values of hard work, humility, and grace. Both parts of my roots keep me grounded.

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Kulture Vulturez: What led to your transition from performing in musicals on stage to becoming an artist releasing music?

Vicky Pasion: I’ve always had dreams to write and perform my own songs. It was just about timing. When I had an opportunity to tour around the UK and Germany with a Michael Jackson show, it was incredible. I wasn’t hiding behind a character – I could directly connect with the audience, and it was incredible.

During one of my early shows, someone from the audience locked eyes with me and even jumped onto the stage! It’s incredible how much fandom and inspiration are around MJ’s music – it definitely inspired me to go on my own musical journey. I had already made the commitment to leave my full-time job to chase my dreams, and at that point, had a lot to say! Writing my own music and understanding my voice and sound has been a huge part of my journey as an artist.

Photo Credit: Alexa Jade

Kulture Vulturez: Musically, what has been your biggest inspiration to bring out your sound and style of music?

Vicky Pasion: Divas of the 80s and 90s, girl bands from the 90s and R&B/Soul are my biggest inspirations. Artists like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Diana Ross – incredible soul singers who sing about the ups and downs of love basically taught me to express myself – my mum used to play these artists on repeat growing up and their music will always be my roots.

I’m also influenced by gospel music – I love how you can get lost in its spiritual and communal frequency. It’s an elevated experience of music and harmony. I feel like I learnt to let go musically at church. I’m also influenced by musicals and storytelling. All of my projects so far are concept albums – they’re inspired by the changing seasons. I’m open to genres and feel expressive musically – I know that’s got to do with my musical background.

Kulture Vulturez: Can you break down any forthcoming projects, at least what you are able to share, and what can listeners and viewers expect from your career going forward?

Vicky Pasion: My next project captures a season of summer – it’s overflowing with love and life lessons as I claim my independence and self-healing journey. It captures full circle moments – I’m no longer looking outside of myself for validation, I’m in my feminine power and loving it.

My next single drops next month! ‘Body Takeover’ feels like an arrival – I’m finally moving out of my head and my tendency to overthink and into my body and the moment of now. Expect something that will turn up the heat as we move into Spring/Summer. I can’t wait.

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