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Meet U.K.’s Rising R&B Star

Among the most promising up-and-coming talents in the U.K. is the gifted Bea Anderson. Even though her career has just begun, debuting in 2021, Bea has already demonstrated an immense amount of skill. As R&B has gained popularity and numerous artists have pursued the mainstream limelight, often diluting or oversimplifying their music, Bea’s creations stand as a testament to timeless and classic tunes that will far outlast current fads and trends.

With her upcoming EP, The Classroom of Silence, soon to be released, Bea has delighted fans with several exceptional tracks, such as “Easy,” “Mirror Mirror,” “Pieces,” and her latest offering “Picture Perfect.” These songs bring a fresh and relatable sound to the U.K.’s music scene, easily resonating with listeners.

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Soulstress Bea Anderson is back and better than ever with her all-new R&B single Astronomical ft. Jords, out now on all streaming platforms.

Bea and Jords deliver captivating R&B flavours in this groove-infused love story. Enchanted by a magnetic energy, we see the two gravitate toward a connection felt from ‘Earth to Mars’. Bea’s signature vocals flow softly atop a 70s-esque riffs as Jords delivers a smooth Hip-Hop accompaniment.

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Bea shares “This project taught me that love can go so much further than our expectations if we trust it enough. The song is a direct dialogue between two lovers, not about what they can take from one another, but what they can give“

Produced by Jarom S’ua (Timbaland, Drake) and written by Bea and Jords, Astronomical ft.Jords follows the success of breathtaking singles Picture Perfect, Pieces & Mirror Mirror, which garnered the support of BBC Radio 1Xtra (track of the week and C-List), Spotify (New Music Friday, Fresh Finds) and backing from Notion, Apple Music (New Music Daily, New in R&B, Breaking R&B), HUNGER and most recently COMPLEX, CLASH & COLORS.

Meet and Get To Know Bea Anderson

Kulture Vulturez: Before you became an artist, growing up were you around anything musical, artistic, or any cultural influences?

Bea Anderson: I grew up in the church, so that’s where a majority of my musical influence comes from. Every Sunday there was a very heavily focus of the cultural aspect of religion within my family, and just in our community. Then I just continued it. I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old, and just kept going with singing lessons and singing in church. It kind of transitioned from being within a church environment to being within a life environment. Whether it be school and then going on to study as well.

Kulture Vulturez: Growing up in the UK, I know there’s a big R&B scene and a lot of legends come from there. Did the local music scene have any influence on you?

Bea Anderson: Yeah, definitely. I think within R&B in the UK there is a bit of a taboo in terms of what you have to do in terms of quote unquote, to break out as an R&B artist. I think a lot of people do feel in London it’s a little bit difficult or you have to go out to the [United] States.

I feel like especially for the artists who are from the UK and they’re doing such big things, I think they really paving the way. For example. At the moment, Cleo Sol, she’s amazing. She comes from London. She has a massive, massive influence to me and I’m super inspired by her journey. Literally, I’ve been following her since I was so small.

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Bea Anderson – “Easy”

Kulture Vulturez: Overall, what motivated your decision to start releasing music and become an artist yourself?

Bea Anderson: It’s actually quite a funny story. Before I was an artist, I used to write music and I used to try and pitch to either labels or other artists. Then what used to happen is that at the time, I don’t think there was so much of an emphasis on old school R&B. A lot of my music is really harmony based and has a lot of layers. I remember a lot of riffs.

With all of my cuts, I would never really tailor them too much to who I was pitching for. I would just say, ‘This is a really good song. You should listen to it,’ in hope that they would kind of catch on and be like, ‘Oh yeah, this can work for this person.’ Then I remember I went into a label once and they basically asked me to dumb myself down and I said, ‘Okay, I think it’s time that I just release my own music,’ because they literally said no one else can sing like this.

I think at the moment, if I was to go to them now as a writer, I think it would be a little bit different because of the people that are out at the moment as R&B artists. But at the time they were just like, there’s no one who could really sing like this. Then I think that was the real kind of catalyst for me to say, let me do my own thing and see what it happens.

Kulture Vulturez: Now you’ve released several singles, what do you think people can get from listening to your music?

Bea Anderson: So, I guess my kind of aim when it comes to people taking my music is that I really want it to be as relatable as possible. I use a lot of life experience and I try to make my songs as kind of not necessarily wrenching, but try to really connect to my listeners. I feel like music is the thing that you listen to when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you need a pick me up, or when you’re going through stuff.

I really wanted to be a source of I guess, quote unquote, healing to people. So it is like, okay, cool, I’m feeling down, let me play one of these songs and it will help me feel better. The amount of people that have reached out to me. And I remember there was someone who just told me they were going through an absolute madness within their marriage. They were like, ‘Your songs are literally getting me through the hardest part of my life.’ That was like, okay, cool. I’m really on the right track because my music is doing exactly what it’s intended to do.

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Bea Anderson – “Mirror Mirror”

Kulture Vulturez: Has there ever been any struggle with you making the music that you want to and kind of fighting yourself with what’s trendy and what’s more mainstream that might get more plays?

Bea Anderson: Yeah, definitely, 100%. I feel my kind of aim when it comes to releasing and writing music especially, that’s for myself, has always been to make timeless music, which means that might not necessarily kind of follow the vein in with what is popular.

That’s kind of a conflict because it means that the song, depending on when it’s released, might not get the kind of traction that you want, even though you know that it’s a good song. Then you have to make peace with the idea that that whoever’s going to connect with it will connect with it, rather than it just being, okay, cool. This is what’s current. So people will just push this song, you know?

Kulture Vulturez: You have now released your latest single, “Picture Perfect.” Can you break that single down?

Bea Anderson: “Picture Perfect” is all about a lot of the life lessons that I learned over the past 12 months. It’s so funny because I actually started writing it in 2017. I remember I was going through a really tough period, and as I just said about the whole trying to make timeless music, and literally everything is still applicable. I just remember it being one of my most favorite songs that I’d written.

We went in for a reproduction of the instrumentation and to make it a little bit more suited to what I would release in the now. It’s all about self reflection, a very introspective view on life and the things that you learn as you go through the years.

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Bea Anderson – “Picture Perfect”

Kulture Vulturez: You also have an EP set to be released, what can the fans and listeners expect from it?

Bea Anderson: So, it is a 6 track EP. It’s all about the journey of healing that I really wanted to put a massive focal point on this project. So even though there are songs that are about love, it’s the lessons behind it more so. It’s going to be called The Classroom of Silence.

And it’s about the lessons that you learn,  basically in solitude. I feel I kind of went through a period of time where I really done a lot of inner work and had to really question myself. Doing the shadow work, which is like facing yourself and really trying to kind of tackle the parts of your characters that isn’t as palatable as the bits that you think are amazing.

Kulture Vulturez: Anything else you’d like to share or anything else you have coming up?

Bea Anderson: I’m really hoping that I’m going to come out to the [United] States soon. Hopefully before the end of the year after the EP drops and hopefully do some shows. That would be great. I’m really looking forward to connecting with my US fan base and seeing everyone live. So I’m really excited about that.

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