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With a brand and name by the way of the Fetti Boyz that holds much weight throughout Miami Dade County and South Florida, Fetti Boyz Dinero Jerm is on track to becoming one of the next top artist out of South Florida. Back from battling for his life over the last 31 months with the threat of being sentenced to life in prison, Fetti Boyz Dinero Jerm has defeated the faulty charges and has much to say since his arrival back home. Already creating a buzz before his case, the Haitian rapper is 100% focus on his career as an artist.

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Fettiboyz Dinero Jerm – Codefendant

Get to Know FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm

Kulture Vulturez: So, you are from Miami, right?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: Yeah, North Miami Beach, Florida.

Kulture Vulturez: In your opinion, what is the culture like over there in North Miami?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: It’s a lot of Haitians, but it’s really biracial over there. I have a Chinese neighbor, on the other side a Spanish neighbor.  How can I put it? It’s a little bit of everything around where I’m from.

Kulture Vulturez: You are Haitian, right?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: Yeah, definitely.

Kulture Vulturez: It has been said Haitians are real grinders and go-getters, where does that drive come from?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: It comes from having nothing. Our parents really come from nothing, so that grind really comes from having nothing. That grind comes from having nothing and trying to get somewhere.

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Fettiboyz Dinero Jerm – Codefendant

Kulture Vulturez: How can you explain music in Miami?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: You can explain the music as fast, like fast life. The music from Miami is fast life.

Kulture Vulturez: How big of a role do Haitians have in the music scene down there?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm:  A lot. Haitians, that is the main scene to the whole Miami scenery. All the flexing, all the uplifting, all the Miami lifestyles. You know, the fast money, that’s where all the Haitians come involved.

Kulture Vulturez: How did you get introduced into rapping?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: I’ve been doing music all my life, literally, since a baby. My mom, she used to always try to put me in piano lessons, so really you can say my mom introduced me into rapping.

Kulture Vulturez: How did the Fetti Boyz formed?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: Young kids growing up around the way. We were doing our thing around the city. When we pop out, they know who we are. We were some bad ass kids, really bad as hell. Had no guidance just doing whatever we wanted to do, living life. Doing whatever and getting money, that is how we got our name. We were like let’s put that together. We came up with the name and that’s the story right there.

Kulture Vulturez: Anything made you all take music seriously?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: Speaking for me, what made me take it seriously was me being incarcerated. I always did music, but as of right now I have been taking music very seriously for the past five months now.

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Fettiboyz Dinero Jerm – Special Needs

Kulture Vulturez: How can your music impact the rap game?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: I’m going to kill them. My music will impact the rap game, because I have been through so much trauma in my life.  I know how my story can connect with so many people in life. If you name it, I’ve been through it. I know what to talk about.  I’m not just one of those artists that just be on the beat talking about anything. I can talk about relatable things that can touch people heart. I still have fun too. Some songs might be a turn up song, but that’s my main little wave, pain music, ghetto gospel.

Kulture Vulturez: How did the song “Co-defendant” come about?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: I wrote that song in jail.

Kulture Vulturez: What’s the meaning behind it?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: It’s a special meaning, the song is kind of self-explanatory. Me being locked up, you know my little brother, same mom and same dad, that was my co-defendant.  Same day we get locked up, same day we get out of jail. We did the whole 31 months together.

The song, “Co-Defendant”, it was not intentionally supposed to be my first day out song. When I heard the beat and I heard how it sound, this is perfect. This has to be my first day out song, because I went through this situation with my blood brother. That’s how that song really came about, me being in a cell for 31 months fighting my case and I’m with my brother.

In jail, I can only see him when I’m going to rec in the morning, and that’s only for one hour out the week. I might miss him because it is like 7am in the morning, he might be sleep.  I might catch him once, and if I miss that he might have to come to me. He might act like he has to go to the nurse and sneak and come see me. I probably see him once every three months, out of those 31 months.  We would only see each other for like 10 seconds, because he is not even supposed to be there. That always touched me.

I’m like, ‘Damn I miss my brother.’ Somebody who I was with everyday.  When I made that song, ‘That’s my brother, that’s my brother, that’s my n****, that’s my dog, that’s my co-defendant,’ I’m just walking around the cell in my feelings. That’s how that song came about. Once I heard the beat it was a wrap, a done story.

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Fettiboyz Dinero Jerm – Special Needs

Kulture Vulturez: After your case, how has your outlook on life change?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: I see everything so different. Things that I would be going crazy for back in the day, it’s not even worth giving energy to. Things I’m doing right now I wouldn’t even be thinking about before I went to jail. Simple things, like getting my credit up. I wouldn’t think about that, I wouldn’t touch that, I would run away from that type of stuff. I want all cash. Little stuff like that.

A lot of things changed, my whole outlook on life. I’m way more family oriented. Before jail, you are doing your thing and have all your friends around, you’re blind to who really loves you, you’re wasting your time with people that don’t really love you. Me going to jail was actually a gift.

Kulture Vulturez: What do you have in store for your career?

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: I have a lot of things in store. A lot of music, a lot of merch. I kind of want to be a motivational speaker for people around me. Like I said, I have been through a lot of trauma, so mentally I feel like I can help people. Just talking, somebody might be going through something and might need someone to talk to. I might say the right things and the right person may hear it and it change their whole life. I’m just trying to leave the earth with a stamp on my name.

Kulture Vulturez: Anything else you want to let the people know? 

FettiBoyz Dinero Jerm: A lot of more music is on the way, free Loddy Lou, and that’s about it.

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