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Top Fashion Trends of North Africa

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Top North African Fashion

North Africa is the land of intensive history and culture, from where most of the supreme empires began. The land with the rich and deep culture because of which it is known for its diversity and beautiful traditions have set forward some truly inspirational fashion trends this year.

There is no doubt in believing that North Africa is the hub of playful and colorful fashion trends. Lively fashion has always had its place in the diverse culture and trends of the Africans and has given them a platform to speak for themselves to the world, boldly and confidently. Every style expresses their individuality and shows how unique and creative they could be, while not being disconnected from their roots.

We find many pieces of evidence from history expressing the deep and colorful fashion trends that the North Africans engaged in and adorned. North African countries like Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt, have never failed to blow everyone’s minds with their amazing fashion trends every year. The different cultures of these areas, along with different, beliefs, traditions, values, principles, and philosophies intermingle and create a huge influence on fashion and trends. North African fashion has been all about tribal wears, bold prints, and accessorized clothing.

The evolution of North African fashion has become more and more remarkable over the years, dominating the runways in each fashion show. North African fashion has not only been gracing the catwalks with the gorgeous trends but has also made its way onto the streets with comfortable varieties for everyday wear and even parties. Their textile and designs express their beliefs and style, like every culture in the world.

It is no shock that the most popular and powerful styles with bold and bright clothing that are so in vogue in the fashion world currently, date back to more than a century.  The unique and fascinating history of North Africa is well expressed by their clothing, that is why their fashion trends are so uniquely eye-catching. Let us check out what’s hot in the fashion trends of North Africa for some styling inspirations.

Top North African Fashion Trends

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North African Fashion: Morocco’s Hippy Look

The climate in that region varies from extremely hot to extremely cold. Due to the high range surrounding mountains and the cool Mediterranean sea breeze, the temperature drops down at the night. To combat these changes in temperature without having to adjust their wardrobe twice a day, the people of Morocco have adapted to lose and flowy trousers and deep neckline basic shirts that keep them comfy in the hot weather, while adding a shawl around their shoulders or waist when it gets cold.

This peculiar mix is what creates the hippy kind of carefree look, and the people have found creative ways to make it more fashionable. The new twist in this hippy look this year is that it comes with versatility, easily adjusted according to casual dressing needs or for a touch of something confident for a more fun event.

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North African Fashion:  Ancient Egyptian Style

The history of ancient Egyptians gives us a detailed image of how and what people at that time would have liked to wear. This part of North Africa has forever been the most luxurious and well dressed of all., and this is why we can see many styles started as a basic element in their culture ending up as the trendiest fashion statements. The hottest example of these styles is the animal prints and cowrie shells with a modern touch. Heavy neck jewelry and fitted dresses are staples of the Egyptian style, and voguish twists of these are all the rage lately.

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North African Fashion: Classy Lengths of Fashion

Tunisian trends have stepped with beautiful lengths of fashion, that is, the classic long dresses. Long dresses have always been an unmissed part of runways in many shows with different varieties and new styles every year, and this year they are sporting flowy sleeves that give off a carefree yet fashionably forward look. Long, patterned or basic skirts are also a trendy part of the street style in Tunisia in the latest trends. These lengthy clothing items make for the easiest outfit pieces for a comfortable and chic look.

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North African Culture: Antique Algerian Jewels

What the Algerian fashion trends are paying special attention to this year are the trusty, bold, and stackable jewelry pieces. The development of arts and crafts in Algeria dates back to the Islamic heritage where it began and gained much more popularity. The traditional Algerian jewelry is quite aesthetic, and people in the country are all grabbing for the antique pieces made with the finest material.

You will find the majority of Algerian women adorning various designs and styles of this certain type of jewelry. You can easily pair it with a simple dress to upgrade the look while keeping it in tune, or take a bold by wearing bunches of this jewelry. The necklaces, earrings, headwears, and rings are the main accessories you will find in Algerian traditional jewels.

North African Fashion: Beady Playfulness

The North African collection is not all about long and detailed embroidered dresses but they also give way to unique and playful designing ideas. Beaded work on dresses is at the top of this list, and is the top fashion choice especially for the spring and summer season, due to the bright and lively vibes of the beads on clothes.

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North African Fashion: Simplicity Of Libya

The fashion trends in Libya are basic yet nonetheless alluringly pretty. The country is all about modesty and simplicity, and this is why patterns and colors play a bigger role in setting fashion trends rather than styles. The modest fashion trends are always the most sophisticated which symbolize the message of tranquility and beauty.

Women of Libya wear their traditional long dresses occasionally such as for weddings or special occasions, and now the fashion and trends are going for the same simple look which is not too over the top but isn’t too bland either. Sophisticated dresses or suits are popular choices this year.

North African Fashion: Tribal Embroided Scarves

The tribal, cozy scarves famous in North Africa are rich in culture and the best accessory for a lively look. Most women tend to wear scarves with significant patterns and deep prints to enhance the look. These prints symbolize the message of symmetry and this is why the trends have put them out in the spotlight for trends of 2020. The vibrant prints and colors with intricate designs have our hearts, and seem to us like the perfect and easy outfit enhancers.

North African Fashion: Hand Printed Symbolism

The hand-printed clothes called were initially worn to symbolize deep meanings as they had secret symbols embedded in them. The trend has now become pretty popular as seen on the runways and in the top trends. This trend is what will help you put together a bold and stylish outfit, while its for a solid yet casual everyday look, or a statement making formal look while paying respect to the cultural symbols.

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North African Fashion: Animal Prints

As you all must have already come across, the year 2020 has decided to make “bold” the theme for setting the hottest fashion and trends, and North African fashion seems to be totally on board with that idea. They have brought back the classic globally loved animal prints with a powerful and bold twist that seems to be the specialty of African trends. Worn with the right jewelry and shoes, animal print clothes can be your key to making a strong, power lady kind of statement.

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North African Fashion:  Beaded Accessories

Beads have rolled into the fashion trends of North Africa through another door, in another stylish and innovative way. Accessorizing your look is always a must and we all know that beads are always a trusted item when it comes to decorating any outfit, especially because they are so versatile. You can wear one or two layers of beads for a light look or layer them up as you go for a funkier and wilder look. Another awesome thing about beaded accessories that will make you fall in love with the trend is that they are perfect for all season, if you style it correctly and accordingly, making them one of you all year round vanity essentials.

What we learned going through this fashion guide is that the historical and traditional beliefs of the countries in North Africa have quite significantly and beautifully helped the global fashion industry grow larger and more diverse. North Africa is said to be quite rich and deep in culture and values. Fashion, the global language of communication, has undoubtedly helped us link the world to these hidden treasures.

The fashion trends of North Africa for the year 2020 are nothing short of mind-blowing, and the unique and undeniably gorgeous styles have left us in awe. Which one is your favorite among all these trends? Which is your top pick? We hope that these beautiful and wonderful fashion trends of North Africa gave you a bunch of inspiration for your next fashionably smart look!

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