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Top Oregon Bands

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Top Oregon Rock Bands

One of the least talked about West Coast states is mainly centered around Portland and other smaller cities along the I-5 corridor. Oregon rock music is not nearly as famous or popular as California or New York, but the state has produced some great talented Oregon rock bands. Despite most of the Rock Bands from Oregon not having a very large following should not be a reason to overlook the quality of the music that has been produced from the state.  Below is a list of, not just Portland Rock Bands, but the top Bands from the state of Oregon.

Top Bands from Oregon, Over the Years

The Decemberists
Youtube: The Decemberists  
Instagram: @The Decemberists 
Facebook: The Decemberists 
Twitter: @The Decemberists 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Youtube: Unknown Mortal Orchestra 
Instagram: @Unknown Mortal Orchestra 
Facebook: Unknown Mortal Orchestra 
Twitter: @Unknown Mortal Orchestra 

Youtube: Strfkr 
Instagram: @Strfkr 
Facebook: Strfkr 
Twitter: @Strfkr 

Youtube: Chromatics 
Instagram: @Chromatics 
Facebook: Chromatics 
Twitter: @Chromatics 

Blind Pilot
Youtube: Blind Pilot 
Instagram: @Blind Pilot 
Facebook: Blind Pilot 
Twitter: @Blind Pilot 

The Hugs
Youtube: The Hugs 
Instagram: @The Hugs 
Facebook: The Hugs 
Twitter: @The Hugs 

Blitzen Trapper
Youtube: Blitzen Trapper 
Instagram: @Blitzen Trapper 
Facebook: Blitzen Trapper 
Twitter: @Blitzen Trapper 

Summer Cannibals
Youtube: Summer Cannibals 
Instagram: @Summer Cannibals 
Facebook: Summer Cannibals 
Twitter: @Summer Cannibals 

Fox Academy
Youtube: Fox Academy 
Instagram: @Fox Academy 
Facebook: Fox Academy 
Twitter: @Fox Academy 

Black Prairie
Youtube: Black Prairie 
Facebook: Black Prairie 

The Shivas
Youtube: The Shivas 
Instagram: @The Shivas 
Facebook: The Shivas 
Twitter: @The Shivas 

Pure Bathing Culture
Youtube: Pure Bathing Culture 
Instagram: @Pure Bathing Culture 
Facebook: Pure Bathing Culture 
Twitter: @Pure Bathing Culture 

The Helio Sequence
Youtube: The Helio Sequence
Instagram: @The Helio Sequence 
Facebook: The Helio Sequence 
Twitter: @The Helio Sequence 

Wild Ones
Youtube: Wild Ones 
Instagram: @Wild Ones 
Facebook: Wild Ones 
Twitter: @Wild Ones 

Mimicking Birds
Youtube: Mimicking Birds 
Instagram: @Mimicking Birds 
Facebook: Mimicking Birds 
Twitter: @Mimicking Birds 

Radiation City
Youtube: Radiation City 
Facebook: Radiation City 

Ages and Ages
Youtube: Ages and Ages 
Instagram: @Ages and Ages 
Facebook: Ages and Ages 
Twitter: @Ages and Ages 

The Delines
Youtube: The Delines 
Instagram: @The Delines 
Facebook: The Delines 
Twitter: @The Delines 

Slow Corpse
Youtube: Slow Corpse 
Instagram: @Slow Corpse 
Facebook: Slow Corpse 
Twitter: @Slow Corpse 

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

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