Packboii PBK

Top Midwest Up and Coming Rap Artist

With the makings of a star, Packboii PBK, a top up and coming artist, has all the abilities to make a statement within the rap game. Despite only having a few videos online on Youtube, any eye for talent can witness the potential with consistency and a winning drive can lead him to top of the music industry.

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Hailing from Denver and Detroit, as well as Atlanta, Packboii PBK explains his life growing up as “a different sequence of different experiences that molded you, people cut different”. With his experiences, his life can easily be translated into top rap songs.

“You can feel my words in your soul, it touches you, it brings the energy from out of nowhere”, claims the rapper who was motivated to rap by growing up watching 50 Cent. Not only can his words touch you, but Packboii PBK further claims “I tap in to subjects like the struggle, pain, heartbreak, love, lust, turnt way of living, and the streets.”

For Packboii PBK, accomplishing success within the rap game should not be hard since success defined by the Denver and Detroit artist as “getting to touch people, them relating to my pain, and remaining myself”.

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While just getting started, Packboii PBK already has a few videos on Youtube with thousands of views together with having of over 10k followers on Instagram. What to expect in the future from Packboii PBK or what is next from the up and coming rapper, as Packboii PBK stated be on the “look out for a collage of music with a purpose”.

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