Korean Fashion Trends

Popular Korean Clothing Styles

Over the past decade, South Korea has emerged as a frontrunner in the global fashion scene, captivating the world with its unique blend of tradition and innovative Korean fashion trends.

With an influx of K-pop, K-drama, and K-beauty influencing international markets, Korean clothing styles have been viewed and admired by fashion lovers from around the world. While Western fashion has long dominated the global stage, the rise of Korean fashion trends presents a refreshing departure from conventional norms. Defined by bold experimentation, intricate layering, and a penchant for contemporary interpretations of traditional garments, Korean clothing styles has become a powerful medium of expression.

Korean Fashion Trends

korean fashion trends

Habok Fashion

Habok is the traditional Korean clothing style, with a history dating back over 1,600 years. This Korean fashion trend has been influenced by various eras, representing the essence of Korean identity and cultural heritage.

Habok is characterized by its loose and flowing clothing, highlighting a sense of elegance. The male habok, known as the jeogori, consists of a short jacket with long, wide sleeves, paired with the baji (loose-fitting pants) or the jeonbok (a wrap-around skirt). The female habok consists of a jeogori and chima (a full, high-waisted skirt).

In recent years, habok has experienced a revival in modern Korean fashion, with designers incorporating traditional elements into contemporary designs. The fusion of traditional and modern styles has resulted in innovative and unique habok-inspired outfits that are popular both locally and globally.

korean clothing styles

K-Pop Fashion

The Korean clothing style of K-Pop can be described as trendy and daring. It is heavily influenced by Western fashion trends but often adds a distinct Korean twist and incorporates elements of streetwear and high-end fashion. K-Pop idols and artists are known for their experimental and bold fashion choices, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new trends.

Male idols often challenge traditional gender norms by experimenting with makeup, wearing jewelry and accessories, and incorporating feminine elements into their outfits. Similarly, female idols can adopt more tomboyish or androgynous looks, sometimes blurring the lines between masculine and feminine styles.

korean fashion trends

Ulzzang Fashion

Ulzzang fashion is a popular style in South Korea that originated from the term ulzzang, meaning “best face” or “good-looking” in Korean. It is a fashion subculture that focuses on achieving a youthful and cute look, often inspired by K-pop idols and celebrities.

Ulzzang fashion is characterized by its emphasis on personal style and creativity. It is a mixture of trendy, girly, and preppy elements, often incorporating cute and playful details. The style heavily relies on layering, mixing and matching clothes to create unique and eye-catching outfits.

korean clothing styles

Streetwear Fashion

Korean streetwear fashion is a popular and influential Korean fashion trend that has gained worldwide recognition in recent years. It combines elements of urban and hip-hop fashion with a touch of Korean culture. Mixing and matching different pieces of clothing, such as oversized t-shirts, hoodies, bombers, and jackets, creates a unique and effortless look.

Korean streetwear is also known for its gender-fluid and unisex approach. Many clothing pieces are designed to be versatile and suitable for both men and women, allowing for greater creativity and freedom in personal expression.

korean fashion trends

Preppy Fashion

Preppy style in Korean fashion refers to a trendy, clean-cut, and polished look that draws inspiration from Ivy League and American East Coast fashion. It is characterized by a combination of classic and preppy elements, with a focus on tailored, well-fitted clothing and a sophisticated yet casual vibe.

In terms of clothing, you will find items such as button-down shirts, collared dresses, tailored blazers, pleated skirts, cardigans, and high-waisted pants. These pieces often come in neutral colors like navy, beige, white, and pastels, while occasionally incorporating bold patterns or prints for added interest. Preppy fashion enthusiasts also tend to favor clean lines, simple silhouettes, and minimalistic designs.

Tomboy Fashion

The Korean fashion trends of tomboy, also known as “tomgirl” in Korea, is a modern Korean clothing style that emerged in the country in recent years. It represents a fusion of masculine and feminine elements, challenging traditional gender norms and embracing a more androgynous aesthetic.

Tomboys in Korea often incorporate oversized or unisex clothing into their outfits, such as loose-fitting pants, baggy denim jeans, hoodies, and oversized t-shirts. These pieces are usually styled in a way that creates a relaxed and comfortable look. Layering is also common, with tomboys often wearing shirts, sweaters, or jackets on top of each other to add depth and complexity to their outfits.

korean clothing styles

Retro Vintage Fashion

The Korean clothing style of Retro and Vintage, also known as “retro-vintage chic,” is inspired by the Korean fashion trends and attire of previous decades, typically ranging from the 1960s to the 1990s. This fashion style celebrates nostalgia and combines elements from different eras to create a unique and eclectic look.

The key features of the Korean retro and vintage look includes the mixing of different prints and patterns, like floral, polka dots, stripes, and plaids. Bold colors of various shades, high-waisted bottoms, oversized clothing, vintage accessories, and often the incorporation of modern elements to create fashionable twist.

korean clothing styles

Minimalist Fashion

The Korean fashion style of minimalistic is characterized by its simple, clean, and understated approach. Colors of this Korean fashion trend include neutrals such as white, black, gray, beige, and navy blue. Minimalistic Korean fashion embraces oversized and baggy clothing, with simple and the avoidance excessiveness designs.

Minimalistic Korean fashion often blurs the line between gender-specific clothing, embracing a more unisex approach to create versatile looks that anyone can wear.

korean fashion trends

Office Wear

Korean office wear fashion combines professionalism with a touch of trendiness. Office wear has the emphasis on tailored and well-fitted clothing. Blazers, pencil skirts, tailored trousers, and fitted dresses are popular choices for women. The color palette is often neutral, with shades of black, gray, navy, and white dominating the outfits.

In terms of accessories, minimalist and elegant pieces are preferred. Delicate jewelry, such as thin bracelets, small earrings, and necklaces. Handbags, often in structured shapes and neutral tones, provide a polished finish. Footwear choices for Korean office wear fashion range from classic pumps to stylish loafers or ankle boots.

korean clothing styles

Bohemian Fashion

The Korean fashion style of Bohemian, also known as “Boho” or “Boho-chic,” is a popular trend that blends various elements from Bohemian, hippie, and hippie-chic fashion with Korean streetwear.

Bohemian fashion is characterized by a free-spirited, unconventional, and eclectic appearance. It typically incorporates earthy and natural elements, as well as flowing silhouettes, prints, and vibrant colors. Korean Bohemian fashion puts a modern twist on these elements, resulting in a unique and stylish look.

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