R&B Star Shay Lia Debuts New Album, FACETS

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Shay Lia

Following her infectious collaboration with Kaytranada last month, Montreal’s Shay Lia now releases her 10-track LP FACETS; an examination of her experiences as a woman of the world and a reclamation of her identity through the exploration of femininity, sensuality and heritage.

French-born, Djiboutian-raised Shay Lia is coming into her own as a woman of the world and artistic director – something that only time and space can provide. Closing out her epic saturn return (an astrological transit that occurs during a person’s late-twenties, when the planet Saturn returns to the same ecliptic longitude that it occupied at the moment of their birth) this creative multihyphenate has effectively carved out a space for her to safely reclaim her life’s work and worth. The result is FACETS – a raw, meticulous, freeing display of Shay Lia’s eclectic and refined musicality.

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Shay Lia “TAKUTÁ” (Official Video)

FACETS is a proposition of Shay Lia’s commitment to a vision and the result of sticking to a plan and vision. “I really wanted to create something that let me flex all the facets of me”, Shay says,”I went in on so many different genres with teams of carefully selected producers, writers and musicians”

A highlight is the unexpected E.G.O (track 5), a demonstration of Shay’s empowerment as a visionary – pulling together the visions of industry innovators Chiild, Majid Jordan and Buddy. The result is a bold, sexy, smart track for hip hop and R&B lovers alike driven by Shay’s spiritual complexities.

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FACETS is also a demonstration of global context and a woman-of-the-world’s perspective. Track by track, listeners are taken through a concise, thoughtfully sequenced experience of the intersection of old and new.

Arrivals to classic Prince and Jamiroquai nods via a danceable journey though amapiano, reggaeton and R&B transitions naturally call out to Shay Lia’s international life and vision.

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Shay Lia “ON THE LOW” (Official Visualizer)

Ultimately, FACETS is the foundation of movement and an intensely shaped musicality.  There is no music for Shay Lia to make unless it moves her. FACETS is a crisp collaboration where her body (dancing), mind (composing) and soul (emoting) connect, laying the groundwork for this limitless and relentless creator’s determination to bring you into her world and set both you and her free.

“This LP is a demonstration of my eclecticism and all of the facets that come with the experience of being a woman of the world. This work speaks to all of the lives I’ve lived in different cities, countries, times and spaces. It’s impossible for me to sit comfortably in one specific genre because while my vision is clear, my influences and experiences are layered. FACETS is a proposition – it’s an intentional demonstration of all sides of me and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it, feel it and see parts of themselves in it.”Shay Lia

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