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Rising R&B Singer debuts New Album, colors, Vol.1

Just getting his career started the gifted New Orleans native has been on a journey and at this stop is the release of his first official project, an EP titled colors, Vol. 1.  A soulful album produced by some of the industry’s heavy hitters is a project that will not disappoint any rhythm and blues fan.  On this project Sam Loid touches on a range of topics from inspiring tracks like “Dreams” to the conflicts of love with “Aries Funk” and “Strangers” to focusing on the bettering yourself with “Do Me”, and of course your love ballots with “Chemistry”.  With already released singles, “Wasted Time”, “BNT”, and “Green”, reaching Apple Music’s ‘New on R&B’ playlist and Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist, should be enough to prove this release is something special.

This is only the beginning of a soon to be promising career, especially as we get to know his story and the path he has been placed on, only seems as success is his destiny.  Attending the same high school as Luke James, PJ Morton, and John Baptiste, making his way on to FOX’s The X Factor, performing in front of music legends, the opportunity to work with major figures of the industry at Warner Music and Apple Music, and not to forget the actual talent, all proves that this must be Sam Loid’s true calling.

“This is the first project that I made in collaboration with my friends. I did a lot of soul searching and spiritual growth during this past year and wanted that reflected in the music. This project is not for glory or recognition, but it’s for the person that just needs to know that someone is there for you as we go through life, love and relationships in the midst of this crazy pandemic.” – Sam Loid

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Sam Loid Interview

Kulture Vulturez: What specifically gave you that drive of wanting to become an artist as a career?

Sam Loid: Well I’ve been a lover of music my entire life. I started singing at the age of four and I started writing my own songs at the age of 16. It was during those early childhood development stages where I realized that music is something that will always be a part of me and something that I will always want to do. It’s really the love and the determination of commitment that I have to the craft that has given me the drive to be an artist and to create music.

Kulture Vulturez: How has the culture of New Orleans influenced you as an artist?

Sam Loid: Growing up in New Orleans I was always surrounded by music. I remember listening to the sounds of Irma Thomas and the Neville Brothers in my home and then turning the radio to Q93 and listening to Usher, the 504 Boys and Aaliyah. And all of this was happening in between the Mardi Gras parades and the festivals that took place in my own community. People were so proud of who they were, where they came from and it was displayed through every sense of culture. It was through that lens where I began to take ownership in my own individuality & creativity, and put that towards my artistry.

Kulture Vulturez: With New Orleans being so rich in culture, what stands out to you the most or what do you like best about the city?

Sam Loid: Definitely the food! It’s so good.  I’ve been able to travel all over the country and the food just doesn’t compare lol. Growing up in New Orleans has definitely made me a picky eater.

Kulture Vulturez: Going to a school where a few top R&B artists also attended, what do you think is special about your high school? Did that also inspire you?

Sam Loid: Well my high school is trenched in  legacy and tradition. St. Augustine high school was founded for men of color in New Orleans when we couldn’t go to the other white schools and it’s that foundation that has given myself and the thousands of alumni ownership when it comes to manhood, service and giving back to your communities through your craft or your art. I think that is why so many successful men who have graduated from St. Aug have gone on to do extraordinary and incredible things.  I without a doubt would not be where I am today without the foundation I received from St. Augustine. It has truly inspired me to continue that legacy through my own service.

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Sam Loid – Green

Kulture Vulturez: On your journey in music, what are some of your most memorable moments?

Sam Loid: Wow, well I’ve had a couple memorable moments. I would say one would have to be getting the opportunity to work with teams at Apple Music. That was life changing. Through that I was able to speak with Omarion and he gave me advice about maneuvering through the career as an independent artist. Another memorable moment would have to be creating my EP with my friends all over the country. That was such a special time in our lives. We were able to truly be ourselves, create whatever came to our minds, make new friendships, and just enjoy the gift of song. I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunities.

Kulture Vulturez: How do you feel you separate yourself from other artists?

Sam Loid: My story. My music is a reflection of who I am and what I’ve been through. From a kid who fell in love in singing and taught himself how to sing to maneuvering my way through the industry as a intern who has worked for companies such as Sony Music, Atlantic Records, & Apple Music to forging my own path in the independent landscape to write, create and distribute my own music all before I’m 30 says a lot. It produces a drive, a work ethic, and a determination that creates a level of commitment that’s rarely heard of nowadays.

Kulture Vulturez: Your latest project colors Vol.1, what can listeners expect?

Sam Loid: My latest EP “colors Vol.1” is a beautiful collection of stories about the complexities of life. It’s my own R&B take on  everything from following your dreams, to learning how to love yourself, to jealousy. It’s raw, honest and fun. I put a mixture of feels on this project so you’ll get everything from acoustic songs, to the mid & up tempo bops.

Kulture Vulturez:  Any previous works of yours people should check out? Any future plans that people should anticipate for?

Sam Loid: This is my first EP so no previous work but, you can follow me at @TheSamLoid on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with the new music I’m working on as well as features from other artists.

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