Top South Africa Artists
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Top South Africa Artists

Top 20 South Africa Afro Pop and South Africa Afro Beat Artists

With South Africa Afro Pop and South Africa Afro Beat artists, along with South Africa rappers, residing in one of Africa’s most known countries, it is without a doubt that South Africa has a very popular and growing music scene to go along with the popularity of the country’s other entertainment industries, like television and movies.  A country with much history is entering a new chapter as South Africa is on the verge of becoming one of the world’s largest destinations for a certain genre’s of music, whether it is South Africa rappers or Afro Beat artists.

Top 20 South African Artists

1. Nasty C
Youtube: Nasty_C
Instagram: @nasty_csa 
Facebook: Nasty C SA 
Twitter: @nasty_csa 
2. Cassper Nyovest
Youtube: FamilyTreeWorld 
Instagram: @Cassper Nyovest 
Facebook: Cassper Nyovest  
Twitter: @Cassper Nyovest
3. Kwesta
Youtube: KwestaVEVO 
Instagram: @kwestadakar 
Facebook: KwestaDaKAR 
Twitter: @kwestadakar
4. AKA
Youtube: AKAWorldwideVEVO 
Instagram: @akaworldwide 
Twitter: @akaworldwide
5. Emtee
Youtube: Emtee 
Instagram: @EmteeTheHustla 
Facebook: Emtee Da Hustler 
Twitter: @EmteeSA
6. Lady Zamar
Youtube: Lady Zamar 
Instagram: @Lady Zamar
Facebook: Lady Zamar 
Twitter: @Lady Zamar 
7. Mlindo the Vocalist
Youtube: MlindoVEVO 
Instagram: @Mlindo the Vocalist  
Facebook: Mlindo the Vocalist 
Twitter: @Mlindo the Vocalist 
8. Sho Madjozi
Youtube: Sho Madjozi 
Instagram: @Sho Madjozi 
Facebook: Sho Madjozi 
Twitter: @Sho Madjozi
9. Nadia Nakai
Youtube: Nadia Nakai 
Instagram: @Nadia Nakai 
Facebook: Nadia Nakai 
Twitter: @Nadia Nakai 
10. Gigi Lamayne
Youtube: GigiLamayneSA 
Instagram: @Gigi Lamayne  
Facebook: Gigi Lamayne 
Twitter: @Gigi Lamayne 
11. Shane Eagle
Youtube: Shane Eagle 
Instagram: @Shane_Eagle 
Twitter: @Shane_Eagle 
12. Tshego
Youtube: Tshego 
Instagram: @Tshego
Facebook: Tshego 
Twitter: @OfficialTshego 
13. Shekhinah
Youtube: ShekhinahVEVO 
Instagram: @ShekhinaHD 
Facebook: Shekhinah 
Twitter: @ShekhinaHD 
14. Niniola
Youtube: Niniola
Instagram: @Niniola
Facebook: Niniola
Twitter: @Niniola 
15. Simmy
Youtube: SimmyVEVO 
Instagram: @SimmyMusicSA 
Facebook: Simmy 
16. Anatii
Youtube: AnatiiVEVO 
Instagram: @Anatii 
Facebook: Anatii 
Twitter: @Anatii 
17. Babes Wodumo
Youtube: Babes Wodumo 
Instagram: @BabesWodumo 
Facebook: Babes Wodumo 
Twitter: @BabesWodumo 
18. LaSauce
Youtube: LaSauce
Instagram: @LaSauceSA 
Facebook: LaSauce 
19. Thabsie
Youtube: ThabsieVEVO 
Instagram: @Thabsie_SA 
Facebook: Thabsie 
20. Amanda Black
Youtube: Amanda Black 
Instagram: @Amanda BlackSA
Facebook: Amanda Black
Twitter: @Amanda Black 

Honorable Mention South Africa Afro Pop & South Africa Afro Beat:
Moozlie (Female Rapper)
Youtube: MoozlieVEVO 
Instagram: @Moozlie 
Facebook: Moozlie 
Twitter: @NoMoozlie 
Vusi Nova
Youtube: Vusi Nova
Instagram: @vusinova1
Facebook: Vusi Nova 
Twitter: @Vusi Nova 
Youtube: A-Reece The Boy 
Instagram: @theboydoingthings 
Facebook: A-Reece, The Boy 
Twitter: @Reece_YoungKing 
Samthing Soweto
Youtube: Samthing Soweto 
Instagram: @Samthing Soweto 
Facebook: Samthing Soweto 
Twitter: @Samthing Soweto 
DJ Tira
Youtube: DJ Tira 
Instagram: @DJ Tira 
Facebook: DJ Tira 
Twitter: @DJ Tira 
Youtube: Busiswa 
Instagram: @Busiswaah 
Twitter: @Busiswaah 
Priddy Ugly
Youtube: Priddy Ugly
Instagram: @Priddy_Ugly
Facebook: Priddy Ugly 
Stilo Magolide
Youtube: Stilo Magolide 
Instagram: @Stilo Magolide 
Facebook: Stilo Magolide 
Twitter: @Stilo Magolide 
Youtube: KiDXSAVEVO 
Instagram: @kidxsa
Facebook: KiD X 
Twitter: @KidXSA 
Rouge (South Africa Rappers)
Youtube: Rouge 
Instagram: @rouge_rapper 
Facebook: Rouge RApper 
Twitter: @RougeRapper 
Youtube: Bucie 
Instagram: @bucie_nkomo
Facebook: Bucie 
Youtube: L-Tido 
Instagram: @l_tido 
Facebook: L-Tido 
Twitter: @L-Tido 
DJ Speedsta
Youtube: DJSpeedstaVEVO 
Instagram: @SpeedstaBro
Facebook: DJ Speedsta SA 
Twitter: @DJSpeedsta 
Youtube: Okmalumkoolkat 
Instagram: @Okmalumkoolkat 
Facebook: Okmalumkoolkat 
Twitter: @Okmalumkoolkat 
Fifi Cooper
Youtube: Fifi Cooper 
Instagram: @Fifi Cooper 
Facebook: Fifi Cooper
Youtube: Sjava 
Instagram: @Sjava_ATM 
Facebook: Sjava 
Twitter: @Sjava_ATM 
Frank Casino
Youtube: Frank Casino 
Instagram: @Frank Casino 
Facebook: Frank Casino 
Twitter: @Frank Casino 
Riky Rick
Youtube: Riky Rick 
Instagram: @Riky Rick World
Facebook: Riky Rick 
Twitter: @Riky Rick World 
Tellaman (South Africa R&B artists)
Youtube: Tellaman 
Instagram: @TellamanOfficial 
Facebook: Tellaman 
Twitter: @TellamanWorld
Moonchild Sanelly (Female Dance RnB)
Youtube: Moonchild Sanelly 
Instagram: @Moonchild Sanelly
Facebook: Moonchild Sanelly 
Twitter: @Moonchild Sanelly 
King Monada (South Africa R&B artists)
Youtube: King Monada 
Instagram: @kingmonadamusic 
Top Youtube Channels of South Africa Afro Pop / South Africa Afro Beat Artists
Openmic Productions   |  Ambitiouz Entertainment 
Ezase Afro   |  MUTHALAND TV 
West Ink TV Mampintsha  |  Viva Nation TV

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