Top South America Fashion Trends
south america fashion trends

Top South America Fashion Trends

Top South America Fashion Trends

The main thing about the American fashion industry is that it renews itself completely every new season, with the chicest trends to keep it all fresh and exciting at all times. Runways are riddled with these new trends and Fashion Weeks are a prevalent event all around the world. Although these American fashion trends prevail all over the two continents, North America and South America, some trends make each country unique and differ from the other. In this list, we’ll be talking about the top 15 fashion trends of South America for 2020. Read on to find out the trendiest fashion staples of South American countries including Argentina, Peru, Chile, French Guiana, Caribbean Netherlands, and more.

Top 15 South America Fashion Trends

south america fashion trends

South America Fashion Trends:  The Wrap Dress

The iconic wrap dress is one of the top fashion trends prevailing in the countries of South America in 2020. Especially popular in the French Guiana, this simple style of dress is a go-to ensemble when you’re looking for a chic and almost ethnic finish to your outfit. The wrap dress is particularly famous in floral prints with the 60s, motel wallpaper vibe to them, completing the look with the ideally vintage yet modern finish that we all want in an outfit. From chunky sneakers to strappy heels, the simple and sophisticated wrap dress goes well with almost any kind of footwear.

south america fashion trends

South America Fashion Trends: Colored Leather

When it came to fashion trends in Argentina this year, most people made a statement with their choice of colors or with sharp, Parisian silhouettes. One of the unique trends to hit Argentina in 2020 was colored leather, which was a vibrant take at the classy material which usually came in classic shades of black, brown, or sometimes white. With pastel leather coats and bright red leather skirt seen all over the streets of Argentina, it’s safe to say that this radiant trend was perfectly fitting for spring and summer.

south america fashion trends

South America Fashion Trends:  Horizontal Stripes

As the comeback of “sailor fashion” hit the runways of Spring Summer 2020 in the form of sailor hats, polo tees, and many other preppy fashion statements, the fashion guys and girls at the Caribbean Netherlands quickly caught on and made the all-American trend their own in the form of horizontal stripes on almost anything. Whether it was t-shirts, cardigans, or dresses, horizontal stripes often in shades of blue, perfectly sea-appropriate, were seen all over.

south america fashion trends

South America Fashion Trends:  Ponchos

In countries like Peru and Chile, ponchos are classic fashion staples that never really go out of style. Not only is it a part of their rich and colorful culture, but they also always find a way to freshen up this evergreen trend while still staying true to their roots. This year’s take at the classic trend was simple and minimalistic as designers experimented with solid, trendy colors or prints celebrating the Peruvian or Chilean cultures.

South America Fashion Trends:  Neon Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses were also another one of the trends to hit the runways at the South American fashion shows. With different styles like angled sunglasses or mini sunglasses, the variety was evident in the accessories department for the spring and summer of 2020. Neon sunglasses were the statement accessory when it came to Colombian fashion for this year and was adopted by luxury brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton in the brightest shades of green, yellow, and pink.

south america fashion trend

South America Fashion Trends:  Trench Coats

Classic wardrobe staples such as trench coats are another fan favorite when it comes to Chilean fashion, so designers and fashion icons in Chile find ways to keep looks fresh by mixing and matching wardrobe essentials with statement pieces for a modern look that doesn’t lose its touch of traditionalism. According to a fashion blogger from Chile, it’s common for people there to mix conservative and modern fashion, such as pairing a trench coat from your grandmother with a chic little mini skirt.

south america fashion trends

South America Fashion Trends: Jumpsuits

As we mentioned before, the fashion trends of Argentina and the French Guiana aren’t too different from each other, although they still have their unique factors which set them apart from the other, and have a repeating pattern of flattering, Parisian silhouettes and a preference for chic street style above all. This includes jumpsuits, which are in the top trending list of fashion in South America, with their ability to make a statement without the need for extra layers and accessories and also give the impression of an hourglass figure.

south america fashion trends

South America Fashion Trends:  Statement Fur

Other than working creatively with different yet classic fashion staples that we all have in our closets, the fashionistas of Chile are also huge fans of statement pieces over simple and neutral wardrobe essential. Faux fur jackets were the trendiest statement pieces in Chile this year and were seen all over the runways of South America’s Spring and Summer 2020 fashion shows. Paired best with a 70s throwback of flared denim pants and a simple, straightforward top of your choice, this trend is the epitome of all things sophisticatedly luxurious.

South America Fashion Trends:  Oxford Brogues

Although an unusual trend in footwear and not particularly famous in other countries, the classy and almost vintage Oxford Brogues are one of the trendiest choices in Colombia when it comes to footwear. These specific shoes are the ideal preppy pick and, with the mix and match nature of the fashion of today, will work with any kind of outfit, whether it’s casual or business. You can always count on a pair of Oxford Brogues to add an unusual but alluring sophisticated to any ensemble of yours.

south america fashion trends

South America Fashion Trends:  Fringes

Fringes were all the rage this fashion season and were on the top of the trend list throughout the world, but the uniquely stylish trend seemed to work out the best in countries like Argentina and Peru. Whether it was a vest with a fringe detail upfront or a western style brown jacket with fringe adorning the back and sleeves traditionally, the trend seemed to find its way boldly into the trend list for Argentina and Peru.

south america fashion trends

South America Fashion Trends:  Midi Skirts

The people of French Guiana like to dress with flair and color, with the right patterns and textures adding richness and detail to their outfits. That’s why the classic midi skirt is one of the top fashion trends as of now, as it has much space for versatility and creativity, for anyone to personalize the otherwise simple fashion article as they please. Whether it was dizzying abstract prints or cultural, ethnic prints that covered these midi skirts, the fashion girls of French Guiana made sure to flaunt it flawlessly.

South America Fashion Trends:  Cropped Cardigans

This trend was slightly inspired by Parisian and North American fashion, but the people of Argentina and French Guiana made sure to give their twist to the chic trend of cropped cardigans. The look is carefree, simple, quick, and ideal for spring in more ways than one. No color doesn’t go well with this trend and it was rocked beautifully by the South Americans this year.

South America Fashion Trends:  Monochrome Outfits

The fashion industry of Colombia is known for its experimentation with different colors and textures in just one outfit, and a vibrant ensemble full of color is just the ideal look for Colombians. Monochrome outfits gained popularity in the country this year due to their ability to make a jaw dropping and radiant statement with different shades of just one color. Colombians rocked this trend artfully as they worked with different textures to add variety and be creative with this monochrome trend.

South America Fashion Trends:  Tiers

The common thing in the fashion of Peru and Chile, along with other South American countries as well, is that they always stay true to the roots of the culture and find a way to incorporate the rich ethnic prints in most fashion articles. Tiered dresses are a top priority when it comes to showcasing these beautiful cultural prints and different colors. Fashion forward Peruvians and Chileans also rocked this trend modishly and casually in front of comfortable cotton, tiered dresses with minimalistic floral prints.

South America Fashion Trends:  Waistcoats

Another trend that became particularly popular in South American was the modern take at waistcoats. The fashion article that we’ve always been used to seeing in business friendly outfits is now the ideal, lightweight, and chic top for a casual outfit for a day out and about. Paired best with midi skirts and accessorized with long, thin, and gold chains, this trend is the perfect laid back twist to the otherwise bossy fit. South Americans rocked this stylish fashion essential as business casual parties or even on a casual Sunday brunch.

Not only are these top 15 fashion trends unique, fun, and colorful, but they also play a great role in differing these South American countries and their fashion from each other and the rest of the world. Rock these fashion trends in your everyday style to appreciate the rich and beautiful fashion of South America and be the chicest dressed in every room.


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