Top South Korea Solo Artists
south korea pop stars south korean pop singers south korean singers

Top South Korea Solo Artists

South Korea Pop Stars:

List of the Top South Korean Pop Singers & South Korean Singers

A quick breakdown of the top South Korean pop stars within a small, but thriving, country that has developed a widely popular and famous music scene of Girl Groups and Boy Bands with the genre known as K Pop that also consists of many solo South Korean Pop singers. Similar to many other Asian countries, South Korea has a strong culture and a history of traditions, but no other country on the continent of Asia has a strong music scene as South Korea, from its Pop Music with South Korean singers to its Rap Music.

Top 15 South Korean Pop Singers

1. Hyuna
Youtube: Hyuna 
Instagram: @Hyuna 

2. Tiffany Young
Youtube: Tiffany Young 
Instagram: @Tiffany Young 

3. G-Dragon
Youtube: G Dragon 
Instagram: @GDragon 

4. Taeyang
Youtube: Taeyang 
Instagram: @Taeyang 

5. CL
Youtube: CL Videos 
Instagram: @chaelincl 

6. IU
Youtube: IU Videos 
Instagram: @dlwlrma 

7. J Fla
Youtube: J Fla 
Instagram: @JFla 

8. Lee Hi
Youtube: Lee Hi 
Instagram: @Lee Hi 

9. Somi
Youtube: Somi 
Instagram: @Somi 

10. Dean
Youtube: Dean 
Instagram: @Dean 

11. Sunmi
Youtube: Sunmi 
Instagram: @Sunmi 

12. Jeong Eun Ji
Youtube: Jeong Eun Ji 
Instagram: @Jeong Eun Ji 

13. KangDaniel
Youtube: KangDaniel 
Instagram: @KangDaniel 

14. Heize
Youtube: Heize 
Instagram: @Heize

15. Eric Nam
Youtube: Eric Nam 
Instagram: @Eric Nam 

Honorable Mention Top South Korea Pop Stars

Zion.T  |  OfficialPSY  | Amber Liu 
BTOB  | BoA videos  | Chung Ha  
   Crush  |  Geegooin  | Baek Z Young  
   Park Bom  | Sunwoojunga  |  Suran  
  J.Y. Park

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